The 7th Generation Accord – Dreaming the impossible dream?

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    “Your mission, if you choose to accept it…”

    In the early noughties…Honda wanted their 7th Generation to be positioned higher in the market price-wise and quality-wise than the 6th Generation competition consisting of the likes of the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Vectra and Mazda 6…

    They were going after the BMW 3 series and Mercedes C Class…

    Which both came as saloons and estates only, not hatchbacks…so the Accord had to follow them and distinguish itself from the hatchbacks in the peleton...

    While simultaneously raising its game by returning to the magnificent design and build-quality standards of the 4th Generation Accord…

    While also trying to satisfy diverse demands from existing Honda owners…some of who were looking for the successor to the 6th Generation Accord Type-R…and some of who were looking for something as refined as the Legend but one size down….

    So did Honda pull it off?

    Well, first of all my personal opinion…having owned a 4th Generation, then a 6th Generation, then a 7th Generation…

    …is that the moment I sat in the 7th Generation I knew that here was a return to the greatness of the 4th build-wise…

    …with the 2.4 petrol delivering the performance that you always wanted from the 4th Generation 2.0i but never got...

    so yes, for me, they did. The 7th Generation 2.4 puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. It’s that good.

    But for others?

    Well… never became the new BMW or Lexus...

    …the Type-S 2.4 satisfied the more ‘sensible’ sportier drivers…

    …but never replaced the ATR for those looking for real performance on and off the track.

    Refinement wise I think the petrol autos and 2.0 manuals did fully succeed in delivering what was asked of them by their owners.

    The game-changer though was the diesel engine.

    The diesel wasn’t even part of the 7th Generation lineup until a year after the initial 2003 launch...

    The I-CTDI engine, marketed as Honda’s revolutionary whisper-quiet, Honda-built from-the-ground-up answer to other manufacturers’ noisy oil burners, was popular from the outset. It was loved by fleet managers and private owners for m.p.g. reasons and by boy-racers for the huge power gains easily achievable thorough re-mapping. Reliability-wise there were issues but Honda largely addressed these through extended warranties.

    Fuel prices rises and vehicle tax changes made the diesel even more popular as time went on...

    ...and by the end of the 7th Generation Accord's lifecycle the diesel was the undisputed king.

    For me personally speaking, however…I will stay with petrol unless and until diesel engines deliver equivalent reliability…which seems to me at least some way off yet.

    In any case, this car is a keeper for me. Not only for financial reasons, but also because I would want to replace it with an 8th Generation 2.4 Accord Tourer with a manual gearbox, but in that spec, the 8th Gens are as rare as...........I dunno..........dinosaurs?
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    good review there!........i caunt realy comment too much as i hardly drive cars more than a few miles at a time but the accord has allways struck me as a honda i would like to own when funds allow. i would say i have grown out of the Civic but would have to choose between needing as big a car as the accord or a new Jazz. i suppose the Civic is a mid point between the two but unless it was a Type-R or (s diesel) ide plum for one of the other two. i need some money first however.
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    Today I had the first taste of sales madness I went to a local retail parks to look at furniture. What a mistake miles of queuing traffic and when I finally parked, everyone I mean everyone had their hands full with shopping. TV , fridge flat packs you name it was being carted out with big smiles on their faces.

    I say recession what recession? the money is there people will not spend it they are holding on to it. People will not spend their money on high end stuff but are doing their homes up spending on things which are more tangible. This is one of the reasons why 8th Generation has failed to light up the sales charts, people refuse to buy a 24Kplus car. And without the huge ex demonstrator fleet of cars the second hand market is not being replenished with competitive priced Honda Accords. Honda F1 team and other big huge rotators of new Honda cars all went out of business drying up that supply pipe line. Honda UK own personal fleet shrunk and people asked to hold on to their car longer before releasing them .

    The 7th Generation in 2002-2004 was flying out of the showrooms without batting an eyelid. The salesman just turned up to complete the formalities the car sold itself. I can vouch for this when we bought our tourers in 2005 and 2007 all I had to do was negotiate the price.

    Toward the latter years of the 7th Generation the massive sales improvement with the Diesel Sports GT gave Honda the drive to change the line up order to more up market. 2008 the markets fell consumer confidence was nonexistent. Factories were shutdown; the huge inventory new cars sitting idle didn’t help to forecast nor get trends for future production runs. The final straw were the natural disasters in Japan and Thailand just pushed Honda into a corner.

    If they 8th gen had half the success of the 7th gen we would have seen seismic changes in the facelift model. The car has no shortcomings it was just the world financial meltdown which has extinguished all the hard work and this model will never get it full appreciation. Only a select few will know this cars true potential which never saw the limelight. In my opinion 8th gen is light years ahead of the 7th gen.

    Roll on 9th Gen performance hybrid Accord in 2014
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    Plenty of 8th Generation 2.4 autos around though so you never know...still I kept my last car 9 years and I've had this one 5 months so it's some way off yet.

    Amazing car the Jazz...looks like a small car from the outside but sit in one and put the seats up and it feels like a Transit van!'s a real Tardis.

    Interesting move towards a performance hybrid 9th Generation...I assume this will be a petrol....and maybe there will also be a 5 door hatch...breaking away from the mainstream European approach again...although bang in tune with the much more car-savvy USA...

    This is just my personal opinion and nothing more...but for me the idea of a diesel engine in a Honda...for lorries and taxis in my day lol...I know that's a minority view though...and probably old-fashioned...