Bulletins & Advisories The all new Honda Civic 1.6 Diesel i-DTEC prices revealed

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    Honda have announced the prices for the all new 9th generation Honda Civic equipped with the smaller diesel engine. The new 1.6-litre I-DTEC engine if the first engine out of Honda's new Earth Dreams Technology engine series.

    In March this year Honda revealed the below engine displacement and specifications

    Engine Size 1596 cc
    Max Power 88kw (120PS)/4000rpm
    Max Torque 300 Nm/2000rpm
    CO2 95g/km of CO2 Based on Honda's internal data)

    Honda have not release the final specification and will do after the WVTA homologation has been granted.

    The Prices and Models

    The 1.6 Model Grades The On The Road Price
    SE £19,400
    ES £20,595
    EX £23,175
    T grade* +£995

    * (This included SD Navigation & HFT available on SE and ES also)

    In addition to this there are a two factory fit DAB radio options.

    DAB radio combined with Premium audio available on ES grade for £450
    DAB radio combined with Premium audio and Bluetooth HFT available on SE grade for £600

    The pricing is pretty competitive when compared to other manufacturer 1.6 diesel range.This effectively means the new 1.6 I-DTEC Civic is cheaper to it bigger 2.2 I-DTEC by £900.00.

    Have Honda got the pricing right for this car only time will tell.
  2. Yep it will be interesting to see, especially what the depreciation rates turn out to be.
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    I have just bought a March 2014 1.6 DTEC for£14795 that is a big drop.
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    Please add her to the Club Garage when you have chance.