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    What are the benefits of buying in bulk, firstly unless you change you car every year you will be doing maybe 3 to 4 services in 3 years plus top ups, now I am not sure of capacities across the range but based on 6 litre refill you will get four services plus a litre left for top up.
    Secondly the savings on the Optima Vimax 0w30 at £93.50 for 25 litres delivered works out at an unbeatable £18.70 for 5 litres

    For those vehicles fitted with DPF the Optima LSH 0w30 at £109.50 delivered works out only £21.90 for 5 litres.

    Delivery is UK only including Highlands and Islands (no surcharges) exclusions are Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands

    As an extra introductory offer with every order received using code AOC001 you will receive a free 5 litre Jug and Funnel set (RRP £9.95) which will make dispensing and filling nice and simple this is an addition to your £5.00 discount, this will be for a limited time and will end at our discretion

    Many Thanks
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  2. Sounds a no-brainer Tony.

    Is there a shelf life for oil after which it goes off if stored for a long time?
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    Shelf life is pretty unlimited, so if you are keeping your car you can be sure the oil will be good in the coming years.

    By the way the jug and funnel offer has now ended and the discount has been increased to £10 off (code with mods)
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    If like me you have a 7th Generation diesel I thoroughly recommend regular oil changes. I do mine about every 4k which is very affordable if you go with the 25L tub which I do. Well worth it if you are keeping your car and at these prices you can't go wrong.. The oil is good stuff to I have been using it for a year and a half now along with their two stroke in my fuel tank.
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