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    In today’s world a lot of Honda owners look at the internet for advice when they come unstuck with an issue with their cars. Today the internet is the first place to look to expand your view and gather information this is the world we live in today and I don’t see it changing. We are all socially connected via various platforms; whether you love or hate it ,it is here to stay. I am sure others can relate to this when it comes to look for like minded people and car owners who know their car better than a back street garage .The first place to look for such information is at the numerous thriving Honda community for owner’s opinions and review. I do so I am not alone in my own assertions.

    I find forum and communities an extension of ones passion for these cars and their ownership experiences which gives other as sense of pride, however to my utter shock I have found Honda independent lose term (Specialist) with a difference stance towards Honda communities.
    Hondaman Views..

    This myopic snapshot is of one individual who plans to shape and change the perceptions of these communities among this group of followers, which I find very disturbing. I have yet to meet a single Honda independent specialist who has this myopic view, infact their enthusiasm and professionalism and not to forget an ounce of humility makes then stand out from the crowd. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris from Phoenix Close Honda Specialists , and not once did I get the hostile sentiment infact it was the opposite and wanted to be a part of our community. He took the initiative to contact me and bond a relationship rather than just muscle his way in and demand respect as a specialist.

    After all Respect is earned not demanded!!

    This trend of covertly bashing communities and forum does have it valid reasons .The biggest inherent flaws is it can be perceived as a bunch of armchair specialist attempting to diagnose car faults without looking at the car. I have to agree with this stance and this is the only thing I agree on principle with Stuart .
    However what is extremely concerning about his statement is, its an attempt to enhances its own reputation by mocking communities when the biggest thing it risks doing, is risking its own reputation .If owners who use your services can’t give their feedback on these forums you how do envisage to spread the good word of your firm? If they can only give feedback on the company owned forum then it is censorship and controlled which is rife among a few Honda communities where the owners have business and commercial interests.

    By limiting the options to get viral in today social media world stops the ripple effect. Sometimes we all have to bite our tongues and keep our personal opinions known to yourself.
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    Nope, complete shitehawk - he has obviously not spent much time on the likes of AOC.

    He also does not take into account that the vast majority of members of communities are able to filter out the crap and work off the well written, well illustrated and informative replies instead of the one-liner, know-it-all keyboard mechanics who have only ever changed a filter or spark plug. This is a natural human ability - not entirely sure what HondaMan's natural ability is aside from talking crap!!!

    It appears to me he has not spent time on "enthusiasts" forums, but more on the trendy ones.

    I don't give two shades of sh*t what he thinks about anything I write, but I know for a fact that on here alone there are 4 or 5 people who I would trust implicitly with information regarding my car or diagnostics. We may not see eye-to-eye on all topics, but the fact is that experience and knowledge are there to be shared, and thats what a forum is for.

    I do not wish for there to be any impact on his business from that, but I hope he realises any downturn in his business will be entirely his own doing and not that of the forum users. If you put yourself in the sights, prepare to be shot down.

    Although not Honda related, he likes to tar communities with the same brush. A quick visit to the likes of TurboSport will show that in the grand scheme of things he is a little boy with a halfords socket set.
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