The Grand National 2016

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    Let me start by saying that you could write what I know about horse racing on the back of a postage stamp...and not one of the big, special, ones either!

    Even so, I bet on two races each year - the National and the Gold Cup. This year, having looked on the Internet for guides to the runners, I've gone for five horses - all each way - at £2 each. Last of the big spenders, but it is just a bit of fun...

    My runners are,

    - First Lieutenant at 33-1
    - Hadrian's Approach at 50-1
    - Home Farm at 100-1
    - Kruzhlinin at 25-1
    - The Druid's Nephew at 16-1

    Anybody else having a flutter?
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    I usually bet on one with a name that has some meaning to me. Up to now one called three legged donkey would be more appropriate for all the success I've had :happycrying:
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