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    Spent a few minutes in my local Honda dealer today, as my Accord was in for its first service. It was nice to have a chance to browse the full range on a quiet Monday morning, and what a nice range it is!:Thumbup: Pride of place in the middle of the showroom is the Accord, same as mine, a silver EX I-DTEC automatic. Happy to say that my local dealer always seems to have an Accord in the showroom...

    Very impressed by the new CR-V, really like the Civic too. The CR-Z is a pretty cool little thing too. At least the Honda range is a bit different - they all seem to have a bit of character and are refreshingly different from the default German choices. Pity they don't have an S2000 anymore though.

    Only one I'm not sure about is the Insight, interior quality seemed a bit below par TBH...
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    Or an Integra, or NSX, or Prelude, or any Type-R models...

    Not all Honda's fault. Market conditions, emissions regulations and CO2-based road tax haven't helped.
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    ^^Very true.

    Thinking back, I also quite liked the HR-V...
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    I disagree.There are many manufactures out there with a sporting arm and they do ok.Honda's current range is really boring.They CAN make good sport's cars,the Integra,Civic,Accord Type-R's,S2000 and NSX were all good cars.
    Hondas running costs are too high when a car is out of warranty.Honda UK don't help themselves buy being very expensive when it comes to parts.When i had my NSX's i sourced everything i needed from the US at substantialy lower prices.How about 4K+vat for a set of 17" alloys for the NSX,or £4500 for the bose head unit.An absolute joke.
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    Honda parts you have to shop around they are not expensive as others when you know where to buy it from.

    As for Honda not making sporty range well its being addressed a Civic Type-R and NSX are on they way, albeit not to the speed or the demands of the Honda customers and enthusiasts.
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    don't get this the wrong way since when has NSX been a cheap car to own or run? it not a Jazz,Civic or even a Accord. It was a supercar if you can afford that car well you afford the prices for the spare parts. it was the top of Honda engineering pyramid and you have to pay a premium for it.
    just because it a Honda it does not have to be cheap? or am I missing something or would the perception of higher value be altered if it wore the Acura name?

    Would that give you the peace of mind your car had snob value..
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    CJ, to answer your question, I couldn't care less about the Acura brand. We don't get it in the UK so it means nothing to me. My last NSX cost me 40k. For that money I could have had a Porsche 911 turbo or a Ferrari 355. I had neither, I chose the NSX, so no, I'm not a brand snob.
    Regards running costs, when I bought my first NSX it was the same price as a new golf. I could never have afforded to buy a new one, but you are missing my point. NSX parts from the US are massively cheaper for the SAME parts as the UK. I don't wish to offend anyone on this site but there are members on here who see Honda as the holy grail and will not have a bad word said about them. I don't feel that way. Yes I like the brand, they make a very reliable car, but you cannot argue that Honda UK are waaay to expensive for their parts.
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    To be fair, parts for most cars are expensive if you look at big ticket items (without listing them all!) - doesnt matter whether its Honda or Skoda to be honest.

    Add to the fact this stupid country is a rip off for everything too, that doesnt help either.

    Even dying is getting more and more beyond the reach of most people, let alone those that live to whine about their cars!
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    I have to agree with rip off Britain. I'm treating myself to a new Canon DSLR camera. I'm buying a brand new grey import (from Hong Kong) from a UK supplier for over £500 less than a UK (identical model). And the one I'm getting has a three year warranty (Canon + 2yr after market). Why would I buy in Britain?
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    Honda = high running costs? Honda is one of the cheapest cars to run if you can believe any consumer survey. Who cares about the price of a spare part if you hardly need one? And Honda prices of 'service parts' are very competitive (oil, filters, brakes,...).
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    Its is a NSX after all you won't get same spare part price for a Honda Jazz just because it a Honda ...Its a NSX simple as that it cost more than the entire range. As for price differential US is cheaper than UK for nearly everything so is that the fault of Honda or NSX.?

    As for Porsche 911 turbo or a Ferrari 355, these two don't make small cars so why is the NSX getting a hard time just because its a Honda and they make smaller car and cheaper parts ?

    if you had bought a 911 or 355 would the spare parts priced for those car be cheaper than the NSX way!
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    Agree with you totally if you go for Alloys wheels audio equipment they are classed as accessories which in turn is classed as non consumables or parts with low frequency usage. On the other hand North America is a massive market with sales back in the days of NSX boom were extremely high infact higher than the combined sales of Europe.

    So it doesn't come as a big surprise they will get the best prices than Europe .. its simple economics different market different prices.

    Look up a price of Apple Mac pro on US store and UK store the US store is cheaper than £400 quid should we blame for rip off apple or rip off Britain.
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    CJ,i never mentioned anywhere that NSX prices,should be the same as other Honda prices.I don't understand why you are making that comparisson.The fact that NSX part's are so much cheaper in the US is Honda's fault,of course it is.If i can import a part from the US (that Honda has already sold,so made it's profit) pay customs and duty,and still be waaaay under UK prices,then Honda (UK,Europe or Japan,i don't know who decides the prices) are ripping the UK buyer off.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The two examples i gave you are not accessories,they are the cost for replacement parts.But let's go one further. A 15" space saver= £1200+vat. Wiper blades,over £50. An electric ariel £247+ vat. these are hardly made to order parts,But Honda still charge the earth for them.
    Coming back to the running cost's between the NSX and the Porsche/Ferrari. The Ferrari is much more expensive to run than the NSX,the Porsche is not. There are many Porsche specialists in the UK who can take care of the car much cheaper than the main dealers.To my knowledge there is only one company in the UK that can strip and rebuild NSX's well and that's plans motorsport.


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    Good you finally admit this is not the case. Now we are on the same page why do you demand the NSX Europe parts prices to be cheaper on what grounds? it just because the NSX part in states are cheaper and it should be here? you need to state why it should be with valid points.

    The comparison to the states obviously has the advantage but I am more than happy to share why the prices are so varied. On caveat is if you want to hear the honest truth it will be blunt and which may not be to your liking nor will it facilitate any change in parts price in Europe..

    Ivor call up a Honda dealer who will tell you the two parts you wanted are accessories they are not classed as routine parts.
    if you see my last post I made the assertion they are. You as a customer may not be aware of this but you are now.

    Space saver is also an accessories it is not a routine part so the price is appropriate to the size and for a sports car. The space saver has to be made suitable for the NSX and it not just a space saver one size fits all.

    Wipers for a £70K car priced at 50 quid come-on :Whistle:

    Ariel not a part which is routinely changed but again for a car of that is very reasonable.

    I don't see why the porsche specialist and their servicing cost is coming into this debate we were concentrating on parts prices . There are loads of of NSX specialist here in the UK
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    Please see attached document which is available on the internet I have converted the power point presentation into a PDF format just for easy insertion in to the thread. As you can see the European market is pretty diverse with many regional sections and sub section, regional laws, regional currencies, regional custom duties and most commonly different languages. After thoroughly going through the document you will get an idea how complex the European market is for any manufacturer.Due to the courtesy of the EU membership every member state has to follow some rather draconian laws and homologation process.

    View attachment Honda Logistics Europe.pdf
    So to why can the parts in the USA be cheaper than the UK?

    The world trades majority of any commodity in US dollar. The exchange rate always comes into play on a daily basis. Till date crude oil is traded in US dollars so when the pounds lose value we get hit on the pumps like we are now. As you can see from the document how many regional logistics centres Honda Europe has ,which in turns leads to higher distribution cost and timeframes. In the US they have has far less distribution costs as they have the same number of dealers but a huge amount of units in operation (cars)= high part sales/dealer.

    They did not have multiple regional zone but two east and west coast distribution zone and one common language( American English) and one common federal law. We don’t have that in the Europe do we!

    So the US market can bypass the following which the European counterparts CANNOT! To summarise the PDFD document in short

    1. They don't have translation costs to add for their parts website
    2. They don't need to maintain different prices/country
    3. They don't have translation costs for manuals and installation instructions with certain parts (like accessories)
    4. They don't need to add installation instructions in different languages in the box (like with some accessories)
    5. They have less financial overhead costs , the US is one country with one language, Europe has/needs a lot of local sales organisations one in each country
    6. The US market does produce certain parts locally that is based on forecasting if there is high local demand, bypassing Japan and offer the lowest price in their region sourced locally.
    7. They have lower distribution costs as central America is dead zone all activities are concentrated on the two coast lines i.e. west coat and east coast with connection to worlds shipping ports .
    8. They can handle with less distribution centres to offer the same service as in Europe on the whole!
    9. Volumes the US still outstrips Europe in annual billing , bigger and higher spending customer get better deals. END OFF

    So Ivor no one is being ripped off here!! Understand the mechanics of the pricing models . Honda parts in USA are cheaper for Honda, it might as well be cheaper for Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, BMW etc.. It not a Honda thing.