Official Honda The HondaJet Earns Popular Science Magazine's "Best of What's New" Award

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    The HondaJet, with its innovative Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration, has been selected by Popular Science magazine as a"Best of What's New" award winner for 2014 in the aerospace category. The HondaJet was recognized for its superior combination of performance, fuel efficiency and passenger comfort. "Our goal with the HondaJet was to create a Honda-original airplane that would bring new value to customers through new and advanced technologies," said Honda Aircraft Company Presiden...

    Source: Honda World News
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    The last over wing 'commercial' jet aircraft was the VFW which made about 7 and was dated from start to end 1971 -81 I think Honda have been trying about the same time with this and really should divert the enormous amount money back to core business like an Accord replacement for the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The VFW614
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    Quotes from 2011
    “Honda is spending more than $120 million on the North Carolina site and more than $1 billion on research and development of the jet.
    Honda Aircraft said yesterday that it will expand its headquarters in Greensboro, with a $20 million HondaJet maintenance, repair and overhaul facility that will add 419 more jobs.”
    – Modified Acura could have been launched in UK as Accord here for some of this money!!!!!!