The Inevitable Hunt for a Decent Car Phone Mount

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Heckler, Friday 31st Jul, 2015.

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    Just got a new phone, and need a new mount for the car.

    New phone is a Moto G 2nd Generation (I don't do high end phones (or Apple) and on average make a phone last around 4 years).

    I had an official HTC one designed for my phone which was great, no chance of it slipping out, being damaged or having the thing break when used a few times.

    But it seems the Moto G 2nd Generation doesn't have a specially designed one... So I'm on the hunt for something with a built in charger, so I can hide the wiring behind the dash and have the other end pop out buy the 12v socket and 2 port USB bullet charger.

    Quite like the look of the Imobi4 charger/stands like this one, that helps lock the phone in place

    But that one is for the Nexus 5... So I've been hunting down specs of it against my Moto G 2nd Generation.... and they appear to be close, just a couple of mm in width, thickness and the screen is 4.96 on the N5 and 5 on the MG2

    Has anyone used one of these before? or have any better solutions. Not looking to spend a lot, it's just a phone holder after all, my old one would fit in the twin cup holder nicely and allow me to close it, the new one doesn't.

    Another thing... I hate sticking these things on the windscreen... and the Accord windscreen has a far larger rake on it that my last 2 cars... meaning it ends up too far away from the driver to be practical. I'm not a fan of vent mounted kits, although I do have one for my tablet if required (handy for passengers to angle it towards them and plug in some headphones).

    In an old car I actually fitted one of the mounting discs to the dash... the tape never stuck properly, so I glued it in place. Came in handy for phones, satnavs and even a camera for filming my trip to the Nurburgring. So I'm tempted to do that again... then I wondered if these are any good?

    All suggestions welcomed... might be a few things I'd not even considered or seen.