The May's FR-V....keeping her ship shape.

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    Well today I decided to attempt to change the anti roll bar bushes. The knocking at the rear has steadily got worse and it was time I addressed the issue. I already had the new bushes in hand ordered Direct from Honda, so I was ready to go. Last night I gave the bolts a good spray of plus gas and again today prior to removal.
    At first I tried undoing them just to see how stubborn the bolts were, they were very tight. I decided to jack the car up in order to relieve some of the pressure, I supported both sides. I then used a larger ratchet and a tight fitting socket to reduce the chance of rounding the bolt. Now the car was raised the bolts were easier to undo. After undoing it and removing the old bush I could clearly see how deteriorated it was. HOWEVER.... I also noticed I had been sent the wrong size bush, I had been sent a 20mm D bush rather than the 17mm which mine needed - Gutted.

    A quick call to Honda reveals my 05 plate FR-V was right on a change over. The Honda guy said my FR-V had the newer type, which I find hard to believe seeing the new part sent was advertised for 06-09. Anyhow the 17mm should be here Saturday!

    So does anyone know if the 17mm type ARB bushes were the older type or newer type? I'm curious now!
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    Is this the front or rear anti roll bar we are talking about ? Can you take some pictures of the worn bushes so we can see.
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    I've never measured them to be honest. its the parts dept who provide the right part, if its obviously the wrong size I would know about it. the metal u shaped clamp should fit over the ARB bush quite snug.
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    The 17mm I'm referring to is the large number on the bush, I'm assuming this is the measurement in mm as the 20 which was sent originally by honda did look around 20mm. The physical bush is the same side, just not the hole. Finger crossed will be here tomorrow but the weathers not looking great :Frown:. I'm referring to the rear ARB's.
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    Funny thing, since I took the old bush off and refitted the same old bush, the knocking has gone. No doubt just a matter of time before it returns. Just need to have the combination of the right part, decent weather and part time.