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    Hi Everyone,

    Newbie here! My name is Grahame and I've just registered on the site. I don't yet have an Accord but hope to have one in the next 2-3 weeks.

    I decided to offload my Ford S-Max TDCi this year after it has cost me over £1.3k in repairs after giving reasonably good service, I've now lost all faith and want rid, it's only just over 5 years old with only 35k on the clock but this year it's shown it's true colours with a failed alarm system, battery and most seriously the steering rack which on it's own cost £1k to repair.

    I decided on an Accord based mainly at first on my dad's experience of owning one. He has a 92 J plate accord which has the rear wheel steering! it's coming up to the 200k mark and aside from routine servicing and wear and tear items it's never once let him down.

    Another thing that justifies my decision to get one is that fact that looking on this forum there are hardly any owners on here asking for help with issues, there are one or two threads about issues but having read them they are hardly reason to be put off having an Accord.

    But if anyone can advise me on what I should be looking for based on their own experiences I'd appreciate it.

    So that's why I'm here.

    I've had a test drive of a 59 plate 2.2cdti and was very impressed by the drive, comfort, solid build quality and I have to say I think it looks stunning far more imposing than the 7th Generation model which is still a nice looking car.

    I don't want another diesel though, I've decided on the 2.0 Petrol Saloon, a slight compromise for me on size over the S-Max but still perfectly adequate for my needs with a small young family. I would say that the actual floor space in the boot is larger but I lose the height, no great shakes though as we only really lug about a pushchair these days. I only cover 4-5K miles a year so don't feel the need to have a diesel any more plus in my experience having had 4 diesel powered cars they cost more to run in terms of servicing, cost more to buy and tend to be less reliable these days.

    Anyway the good news for me is the Honda dealer I have been in contact with have sourced a 2008 EX GT in Black for me with some extras like Sat Nav, it has full history and has only done 20k, the good thing is that although (to secure it) I've put a deposit on it they are adamant that they will not sell me the car until I have seen it, driven it and made a decision and, if it's not for me they'll give me back my deposit and find me another one.

    So for now I am an Accord Wannabe Owner but I hope to be able to say that in a couple of weeks I should be able to change my profile to "Accord Owner"
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    Welcome to AOC Grahame hope you find your Accord soon, you will find plenty of information for both petrol and diesel Accord on here.

    And the best part we all have Accords no wannabe ex accord owners :Wink:
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    Graham, don't let the dealers tell you sat nav is an option, it's standard on the EX GT as is reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors, heated seats, power seats, memory seats, full leather etc. etc..... you get a lot of car for the money. I have had a 2.0L petrol auto EX for the last 6 months, covered 15,000 miles in it, and still love going for a drive in it. I would buy another in a heartbeat, lovely car....
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    Hi Grahame and welcome:Wave: The EX GT is a good choice. As its the Sporty model being a GT variant it has Half leather and full body kit. The EX has a sunroof and full leather but no body kit. One can be added later though :Wink:
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    Thanks to all for the warm welcome and comments.

    I'm starting to wonder if I may have got the wrong trim level for the car the dealer is sourcing, it may be a lower spec than the EX GT. I know that they said it has the Sat Nav installed but this may have been added as an option to a lower level trim. I guess I'll find out when they get it in and I see it. I know that when I told them what I was looking for I said I didn't want the base trim as I had to have the USB port so I can use my iPod in it.

    Just waiting for them to give me a call to say it's in then I can go and check it out and take it for a spin.

    Once I am in possession of it I will try to get some pics posted on here.
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    EX GT has sat nav as standard. It will only be an "option/upgrade" to the baseline ES GT models that lack parking sensors etc. Easiest way to check the cars authenticity is to type the registration into ASKMID and see what it denotes the car as - failing that, ask to see the log book.
  7. Welcome Grahame.

    A great choice and you won't be disappointed.

    The Accord is built in Japan from parts sourced there and that plus the petrol engine should give you a more or less trouble-free ownership experience.

    Honda consistently tops reliability charts for a reason!
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    I-DTEC is just as rock solid too :Wink:
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    Thanks again to eveyone for their comments. I will check the car the dealer is sourcing for me, to be honest I think an EX GT will be beyond my financial ability if it's the ES GT that'll suit me fine.

    I have driven the diesel but my S-Max is a diesel and I just want a petrol again, as I said in my first post I only do 4-5K a year so the extra costs of a diesel car, running costs etc would not be recouped plus I speak from experience when I say that diesels do tend to be less reliable than petrols with possibly the exception of Honda that is.

    I am excited about getting one, I want a reliable solid car I know I can trust and the only brand out there I feel can deliver that is Honda so looking forward to owning one very soon all being well.
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    Ah, but your SMAX diesel was likely powered by the rubbish made by Peugeot, who's cars are frankly worth less than the petrol needed to set them on fire!

    Not that Ford cars are any better either - absolute rubbish. There's a reason they are called "Fix Or Repair Daily". My cousin had a fully loaded Galaxy on a 57 plate. Caused him no end of trouble. In the three months he had it, 80 of those 100 odd days were spent in the dealership for near-permanent warranty work. Even Revell Models have better construction methods.

    Plus, if you are going to do that little mileage, petrol is definitely suitable. I do lots of m-way miles every day and hence love the frugalness (is that even a word?!?!) of the Accord. I get nearly a thousand miles per tank, epic performance and because there are so FEW Accords around, everyone looks twice to see what overtook them!
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    You are spot on about the Fords. Got my S-Max in December 2007 with 4k on clock 2nd owner, it always had issues/minor niggly problems then this year with just on 34k the alarm system failed - £200.00 then the battery £150.00 and the final straw the steering rack £1000.

    the really annoying thing being I had decided to offload it before the rack failed but I'm not the sort of person who could sell on a car with such a major (and potentially dangerous) fault.

    Now it's all sorted I want rid before anything else goes wrong on it.

    I agree that the diesel accord is a beautiful drive but I've decided on petrol for reasons I mentioned earlier.

    And I do have to agree with you when you say how rare the 8th Generation accord is, you don;t see many of them on the road and that uniqueness does appeal plus it looks so imposing on the road it has real presence I often look twice when I see one, it is a very nice looking car. It looks like it has been styled by craftsmen not a planner using a set square which is what I think of when I look at a toyota or a mazda.
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    Toyota's and Mazda's are like French cars. You may as well amputate your limbs and then try walking than buy the dull cars they make.
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    Excellent, I like it. I would say that I hate all things about French cars and would never ever buy one after owning a horrific Peugeot 309 many years ago. Had I been aware the lump in the Smax Diesel was a PSA one I would have thought twice before buying it having said that though the engine itself has never had a problem it's all the other things that have been problematic.
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    Ford cut costs everywhere and I would not be surprised if there were elements that were French-derived.
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    As I said in my first post when I looked at this site I was encouraged to see that there were very few threads relating to problems on the Accord, the majority are general chats/enquiries. Looking on the S-Max owners site there is page after page of threads from owners all reporting problems/issues with their cars. That tells me all I need to know about just how reliable and robust Honda's are.

    Another thing that inspired me is when I see so many older Honda's still on the road and still going strong. I can honestly say that I don;t see that many old Fords, Vauxhalls etc. still trucking on.

    I know that I have to compromise space in the Accord compared to the S-Max but it is a roomy car and the only people going in the back will be my 8 year old and 2 year old and they won't complain about the leg room anyway.

    It's just the wife I have to worry about, she is adamant I am not changing the car but seeing as she neither drives or contributes toward the cost of owning/running a car she has little say in what I am doing and I am sure she'll be more than impressed by the Accord when she gets in it.

    I'm going to call my dealer later to get an update from them on when they hope to have the car in they've sourced for me.
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    Hi Grahame, On AOC you won't find a lot of cars tuned by cowboy-r-us file uploaders. That is one of main reason our community not riddle with page after page of issues on the diesel car. You leave a standard diesel accord standard it will be fine, they minute you get the extra horsepower and more power hat on YOU will face these issues.

    There are other Accord communities out there where their members have this extra horsepower carrot dangled in front of them the minute they have routine maintenances issue. it also worthwhile adding the owners and co -owners of these community have the diesel file uploading services and it is in their interest to promote it..hardly the source of independent and unbiased opinions and source of sound advise is it !!.

    The minute you challenge the norms or ask any question which harms their file uploading business you will be banned!

    All the comments are censored when it harms them , you wonder why that file uploading section is not viewable to the open public !!! It is communities like them which have given the accord diesel a bad name and it these owner who constantly challenge why Honda components don't last that long..:Rolf:

    Don't buy a Accord which pimped to the hill with stage 2 remap with fancy clutches and reworked inter coolers they are nothing but metal sheds which will bleed you dry. However if you are into your modding and want this sort of power you have to accept the trade off the car will be heavy on your wallet to fix.

    Lastly Don't expect the everything for nothing .
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    I'm not sure all the owners on the SMAX oc site have modded their cars, some have but not all. Having said that modding a car is a risk, surely if it was mean to have more power it would come of the factory with it.

    I have no plans to mod mine at all I think it looks great from stock and the 150 or so BHP the petrol provides is more than enough for my needs.

    All I may consider is a set of HID bulbs for it, I know Honda offer them on the higher trim levels as standard but I may enquire about them for mine if they are available as an after market fit. I have them in my SMAX and they really do offer far better light coverage and visibility that standard Xenons do.

    I would like to think that because I am going to a main Honda dealer the chance of getting a car that's been tinkered with are slim. By all accounts the one they have sourced for me was owned by an older driver and the fact that since 2008 it has only done 21k would indicate to me it was used seldomly and looked after. Hoping the owner was a retired golfer who used it to get about and spent his spare time keeping it in pristine condition.
  18. It should be fine - it's the diesels that get remapped mostly.
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    Well, I test drove the Accord my dealer had sourced for me. I took it out on Wednesday, I was very impressed although I can see I am going to have to adapt my driving style to get more used to the way the petrol lump in the Honda behaves compared to my diseasel in the Ford.

    I thought the VTEC engine was smooth and responsive and when the salesman encouraged me to push it through the revs to appreciate how it delivers the power I was very surprised at how quick it pulls along.

    As for the car, it's an 08 in black, only 18k miles not 21k as I previously mentioned. It's got the sat nav upgrade and it is in mint condition, it looks like it has been very well cared for, it's got FSH and although a few years old looks like it came out of the showroom yesterday and the dealer hadn't really cleaned it as they only got it in the day before.

    So the deposit I put down stays and I hope to be able to pick it up sometime next week dependant on the DVLA processing the number plate transfer.
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    What trim is it?

    ES GT or EX?

    If its an EX, then the SatNav will be standard Sir. Do not let the salesman fob you off that its an "extra" or any such nonsense.