General The NSX is 25 - several at Prescott last Sunday May 10th

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    Graham Cheltenham
    Sunday 10th May was a charity event at Prescott Hill Climb - Cleeve Vale Rotary "Classics on the Hill"

    Several NSX in attendance and certainly 3 made several runs up the hill (I was the marshal on the last post "Cattle Grid").
    A number of other Hondas in attendance too.
    Certainly a good day out for me!
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  2. Zebster Guest

    That would be a beautiful thing to witness! Hopefully I may see one or two run up the hill this season at Shelsley Walsh?
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Did you manage to get any photographs on the day @vzh7gk ?
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    United Kingdom Andy Middlesbrough
    ill be taking mine on track at japfest 2 aslong as it meets the sound regulations anyway. i know im biased but it sounds amazing when giving it some beans. I think the ITB's may be louder than the exhaust
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    Graham Cheltenham
    Sadly not. As I was marshalling, using a camera is frowned upon (compared to a full competition day when its a no-no). Although my post at Cattle Grid is (usually) quiet it's not particularly photogenic...
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Oh well, had to ask.