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    Noticing a growing number of drivers who feel the need to blind hell out of you because you've overtaken them or something, despite their previously crappy driving causing you to overtake in the first place and get the hell away from them!

    Ironically it was a big Audi SUV who decided to slam the brakes and indicate at the same time right on the junction and then change their mind and then drive super slow. I causally overtook only to have a full blown HID high beam light my car up.

    Not smart to antagonise someone and then pull in to where you live. Big balls when safe in your cage, not so much after you've stepped out. Let the Bavarian wars commence! Lol
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    There are some idiots on the road.

    It's usually because they realise they're in the wrong but not big enough to accept it so anyone who happens to be near gets the fallout.

    At least there was a warning sign I suppose - the four rings of arrogance are a fairly certain sign that some arrogant/dangerous display is about to take place.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    When you drive one of those things you are automatically permitted to disregard the highway code and view everyone else with contempt.
    Well that's how it appears to me. I believe I'm not alone in this conclusion.

    As @John Dickson has said,
    The same can be taken for a few other 'warning' badges.
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    I know it's wrong to generalise and yes there are some Honda drivers who are a nightmare on the roads but that seems due to incompetence rather than arrogance.

    Likewise there are some good, courteous Audi, BMW etc. drivers out there but odds are if someone is being a tool on the road they are usually in one of the German marques.

    I was turning right at a T junction yesterday. It was dark so I had my lights on and the car turning into the T junction could not have missed me. I could see them so they could see me no question about it. They decide that they can't be bothered to let the car roll 2m more so that they would be turning into the junction on their side of the road. Oh no we can't have that so they cut across me and then it's my fault because they are a tool! How?

    I think they got the message that I wasn't best pleased.
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    There is less and less courtesy in society as a whole as time goes on - behaviour on the road is no different.

    People all seem to be in such a rush, and there is a degree of arrogance and aggression that just wasn't there 20 years ago. Life really is too short.

    Something I've noticed just in the last year or two is that far fewer drivers say 'thank you' after being let in / let out etc. For me, that sums it up.

    I'm not sure I like this country any more. Sigh...

  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    The pavements too!
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    Definitely agree that's it's usually German cars who are rude etc. I do on the rare occasion get a Jap car being a little rude, Sat morning after the snow came on and I was leaving the pool with my son I decided to go down a steep side road which was covered in snow and test the X-drive. Crept down to the bottom and did a uturn to go back up. Started going and a Civic shot out of a driveway in front of me.

    Watched the front wheels going mad as the slid about and eventually they pulled over to the side. I sailed past! Despite being down to 3mm tread the X-drive works very well. Have to be very aware of the torque going through it so I tried eco mode which restricts the throttle but the traction seemed worse. I'm wondering if eco messes with the AWD system to increase economy?