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    Out for drinks with friends the other night having parked up at my friend's place to stay there for the night. Came back to find some scumbag had torn the bumper clean off and it was lying in the road.

    Images dropped off

    Luckily one of the neighbours had witnessed the hit and run and passed the details to me. I have since reported it to the police so I really hope they throw the book at the guy. I suppose also luckily it was a hire van so I am claiming against the hire company's insurance. I have decided to use Honda Accident Management rather than my insurer so that I don't have to initially fork out for my excess. Anyone go experience of Quindell who run Honda's accident management in the UK?

    This all happened on the 23rd and really put a dampener on Christmas this year :Frown:
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    mate that is just horrendous that has to be some force to rip the bumper off like that.. just a hope there is not a lot of damage!! all sorts of damage happens when the front of the car is ripped off you will be surprised at the extend of the damage.

    if it an LKAS car well then you are in trouble of write off territory.
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    Hope they catch him and make him pay.
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    Is LKAS the lane assist stuff? No doesn't have that fortunately (in this instance at any rate). I spoke to the garage today and they have sent the quote off to TechReports or whatever they are called. Apparently only the bumper is knackered and should have the car back by the end of the week. How long is the work guaranteed for following accident repair like this? I bought the car with a 2 year Honda Approved Used Car warranty but not sure if this work is covered separately.
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    Honda approved garage will be guaranteed work for 2 years IIRC so you have nothing to worry about there. Good you do have LKAS that sort of damage will be close to 10k repair mark.
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    That is awful. If it was my car I'd want his head on a pole!!

    From the photos it looks like the cars been side swiped on the drivers side and peeled to bumper clean off.

    Hope you get it fixed soon and you don't get any hassle with the rental company. If they got his registration it should be an easy claim.
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    Shocking. Amazing what some idiots will drive away from, but excellent news that a neighbour got details of the culprit.

    I would say that I hope that the police throw the book at him, but actually they ought to throw the entire library!!
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    There's a lot of it about. Some kh reversed into one of my company's vans, knocking the driver over (he was at the back of the van) and drove off. Fortunately the driver wasn't hurt badly. We called the Police who wouldn't come because it wasn't serious enough!!!!! One of the lads flagged down a passing Police car and told them what had happened. They knew who it was, they had arrested him for driving without a licence the day before and he had only just been let out. He'd taken his Dads car out and had the accident. When they went to arrest him he wasn't there, he was out causing another, more serious, accident. Sadly he walked away from that as well.
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    Hope it gets sorted in your favour mate. I've been the victim of hit and run in a car park myself and it is sickening. If ever I see someone damage a car in a car park I always note down the details of the offending vehicle if I can and leave a note with my contact number in case they need a witness.