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    hi folks been a long time lurker on this forum being the owner of a 7th Generation accord tourer diesel. yesterday a new driver ploughed into the car which is now awaiting a check by the insurance company, the outcome of which is likely to be a write off. gutted. she had just been motd id spent hours changing drop links, new discs and pads all round and new tyres. I've never had a car replaced through an insurance claim but I feel that im unlikely to get enough to get another one.

    anyone got a rough idea of what im likely to receive for 2005 tourer diesel exec with 125k?? not a lot probably!!

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    Sorry to hear about your accident and hope no harm came to you.
    Roughly guessing i would have thought somewhere around 2k£ maybe a bit more.
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    yeah around 2k is what im thinking but how on earth are you meant to replace a car for that! ! im not a happy man!!
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    Sorry to hear about your accident, long as your ok that's the main thing

    And I agree £2k is nothing for the car, What's the damage?, If it is a cat C or D there is always the option of buying the car back and having it repaired yourself, If it doesent involve jig work it would be something I would consider
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    just waiting on full extent of damage to be noted,from what I can see theres rear suspension damage, full drivers side of car is dented/scraped but dents arent too bad. I am thinkin of buying it back depending on what price I can get it for?? getting more gutted by the minute !
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    Hi and Welcome sorry to hear about your accident , can you upload picture of the car lets see the damage but you may get anything in between 2-3 K