General This made me chuckle (middle aged Honda drivers are best)

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    AOL is my ISP and to be honest their internet is allright, though i could probably get cheaper and faster service elsewhere,
    Their "News" page and reporting is absolute garbage though (though use Huffington Post) and as I said, they post some absolite turds, with bad spelling, missed infortmation and for the most part tend to recycle news every few weeks when it seems there is a slow day.

    however this made me chuckle as they managed to post something that A. everyone knows and B. is the most correct thing they have written in a white

    Honda Drivers are best (click here)
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    hahaha spot on!!!

    'The profile generated of the worst driver in the country was a white male Audi driver in his early twenties' Oops! :Grin: Germans will not be happy :Tongue:
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    More to the point I hope your not using that awful AOL explorer software :telloff:

    I guess this is good news though considering some other article posted a whilst back said Honda drivers are the worst :Sobbing:
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    Yeah, I saw that article, wasn't it silver Honda Accord drivers being the worst? (sponsored by BMW)
    And no mate, I don't use their horrid browser, I use either Firefox, or when I want to watch full screen YouTube videos, Microsoft edge
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