Engine & Gearbox Thoughts on Civic 7th Generation (2001-05) Automatic Reliability

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    Hi all, new to the forum and indeed driving! I'm thinking about buying my first car: I'm tempted by a Civic 7th Generation automatic because I've heard that Honda are reliable and they're cheap to buy second-hand and also fairly cheap to insure too.

    I've been looking at other cars too, notably the Astra 5th Generation Easytronic, and people have been saying that they don't really rate the Easytronic gearbox in the Vauxhall. Could any Civic 7th Generation automatic owners let me know what the automatic gearbox is like please? Is it reliable or likely to go wrong, is it smooth, anything else about the car in general I need to worry about?

    The cars I'm looking at are typically the 3dr 1.6 i VTEC models, usually with anywhere between 40,000 and about 120,00 miles on the clock.

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    Hi Jason welcome to Honda Karma :Hey:

    I've had a Civic 1.6 Auto until recently.

    Kept it 4 years never missed a beat on any front. Never had any issues with the Auto box whatsoever. We've had other Honda Autos in the extended family non of those had issues. I had an auto 3rd Generation Accord that I took from 180K odd to 215K and that still drove like knew.

    If you search the site you'd hardly hear of any problems with the 7th Generation Autos.

    So I can't think of anything negative to say about Honda Autos.

    Just look for a lowest mileage Civic as you can afford and I'm confident it will serve you well for as long as you need it to.
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    Thanks so much for your reply! That sounds really promising, I thought choosing Honda would mean reliability! Sounds like it does! Really good to hear that some of these cars have got a lot of miles on them and still drive really well.

    I think my decision is made: Civic 7th Generation auto it is! Thanks! :Grin: When I buy it I'll be sure to stick around here!
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