General Thoughts on this oil for non DPF Accord.

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    Contemplating trying this on my 04 7th Generation Accord tourer :-

    Ford Magnatec professional D 0w30

    Mentum | Magnatec Pro D 0W-30, 208 Ltr |

    I have been in touch with Castrol Tech UK and posed the question :-

    Good Morning,

    Could you please give me the ACEA rating for FORD Magnatec Profession D
    0W30 , as would like to use it outside of Ford branded products.

    Is it comparable to, or does it exceed the specifications of your following products :-


    CASTROL EDGE 0W-30 A5/B5

    as I would like to use it outside of Ford branded applications, primarily with an engine that only requires any brand, fully synthetic
    0w30 oil, meeting the minimum specification :ACEA B1

    Thank you for your assistance



    Bearing in mind this is Ford specific developed oil, the response I had was obviously guarded , but informative non the less :-

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Because the product does not carry any specifications other than the Ford spec, we cannot recommend its use in other vehicles, especially if they are still in warranty.

    We can estimate that the product exceeds ACEA B1 based on the fact that the earlier Ford WSS M2C913-C specification exceeded the higher ACEA B5 specification and it is unlikely that they would reduce the performance requirement for the latest WSS M2C950-A specification, but please be aware that this is not confirmed.



    So as a C2 rated stay in grade oil, albeit designed for a specific range of Ford DPF diesel engines, that probably exceeds ACEA B1 and likely B5 (which is most these days anyway ), with a low ash content that could reduce the soot content of the oil on my non DPF Accord ,possibly reducing the damage to timing chains etc, would you give it a shot ?

    if it had an ACEA rating on the bottle I may have just gone for it (it only informs it meets Ford WSS-M2C950-A ) With the information I have garnered it would appear to tick all the requirements of my owners manual.

    What do you guys think ?

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    Slapped this in my Accord today, we'll soon see if it's any good or not.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Keep us posted on this @blackbeard
    It will be good to know how you get on.
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    Just to update this, car running well oil level at half way mark after approx 2k miles, only to be expected at this mileage, given the crank case oil mist is burnt off, as opposed to scavenged and returned to the sump.
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    I didn't notice this thread when it was first posted.

    Magnatec is not a 'real' fully synthetic oil like Edge, its a modified hydrocarbon (until a couple of years ago it was described as semi-synthetic). I've used it in my Toyota, but wouldn't in my diesel Accord.