Electrical & Lights Throttle Pedal Sensor - P2138 Fault Advised by RAC

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    Hi There - I joined the forum last week to see if I could get some feedback about hands free kits & can't believe that yesterday I had to call the RAC out so am now looking for advice :Aghast:( Although I have found a couple of old threads containing similar details, I hope it is OK to start a new one......

    My 2004 2.2 I-CTDI saloon (with genuine 42.6K miles as it was previously my Dad's car from new) has been behaving a bit strangely for last couple of days - as if there was a fuel problem. Even with constant pedal pressure it would seem to 'surge' or 'back-off' intermittently and seems worse at low revs when in higher gears. Pulling away from stop is as if I am learning to drive resulting in some of very jerky take-offs! I thought perhaps 'dirty diesel' & that I would fill-up on way home yesterday (had indicated just over 1/4 tank) & if that didn't sort it I would get fuel filter changed even though was only replaced a couple of months ago.

    Yesterday, (with symptoms on-going) after a 20 mile run (urban) the VSA light came on along with the engine management light so I stopped & called the RAC. The VSA light didn't come back on when engine was restarted, but EM light was still on.

    The fault diagnosis came up with code P2138 which he said was the Throttle Pedal Sensor. He checked loads of other things & found nothing so turned the EM light out & said he would follow me home - but that I should get the diagnosis confirmed & the fault rectified as they would charge me for any further call-outs in relation to the same problem. No warning lights came on during the 20 mile trip home - but the symptoms are still there whereby there is a surging & backing off of acceleration - it's not particularly severe - but a bit unnerving for me whilst driving as I have the sense that if I needed to accelerate that the engine might not deliver so I am being extremely cautious at roundabouts & junctions, which is probably really irritating any folk behind me!

    I have seen IchibanAccord's advice about not rushing to spend money on parts until problems are fully diagnosed so am wondering what the best way forward is - my immediate problem is that my Dad is in hospital & I need to visit him daily (~40 mile round trip) so I really need my car to be behaving itself.......

    Thanks for your time if you are able to respond. If, given my dilemma, it would be worth getting a replacement sensor to put me out of my misery (hopefully), is there an on-line retailer for the part you can recommend please - I have looked but not had much luck? My nephew is a highly skilled mechanic & MOT 'inspector' & does all my maintenance & repairs so getting it fitted wouldn't be an an issue - but I would prefer not to have to go to my local Honda dealer if at all possible - for no other reason than cost, as I am sure you will appreciate!

    Best wishes - Denny
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    Oh dear, sorry to hear that. There's a couple of tests that can be done with a volt meter. CJ can look up the instructions for these for you (assuming they aren't on the forum already).

    Actually I'll do a search for them later myself, must get ready for work now.

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    From the threads I've read P2138 on its own points to a APP (Accelerator Pedal Position) issue.

    You could try having this cleaned, if that fails looks like you may need a replacement.
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    Update - the fault came back back big-time next day & car ended up in 'limp' mode so we had it transported to our local dealer (Bassatt-Honda - Swansea) on Thursday last week. They confirmed TPS faulty so there is a new one on it's way from Belgium. Total cost of the repair will be £173.45 inc VAT so as long as it works & there are no more problems I consider that will be a 'result' and not as painful cost-wise as I thought it might have been. I will let you know how it pans out!
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    So far so good - I've done ~100 miles since getting the car back with no issues & the 'stuttering' symptoms have gone so it was obviously a fault with the sensor. Hope this info will help others & reassure that letting Honda Dealers fix this type of problem is probably the best way forward if you are unable to do it yourself.