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    its always a bit of a nervous thing trusting your car to a garage you haven't visited before for servicing.

    I took my car in to get a new battery and tyres and to have the asc light looked at.

    Mentioned the stone chips rear bumper clear coat peeling and another mark whilst I was there and they said they would take a look at it..

    Was given a courtesy car for the day whilst they carried out the necessary, picked it up and they didn't charge me for the paint touch ups which for me was a very nice customer friendly touch - and it was done well..

    It was discovered I have a faulty yaw sensor and thus they have raised a warranty claim for me...

    For my first visit I am very happy with the service and hope it continues.. The staff there appear very personable too which is always nice..

    Thanks Brayley Honda..
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    Good work Brayley Honda !