Service & Maintenance Time for a winter service

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by TheVDM, Wednesday 18th Dec, 2013.

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    Well, I've had the Accord tourer for 3 months now and the service is almost due (another couple of thousand miles), as I know it will be bitterly cold outside when the actual time comes I'm giving the car an early Christmas present so tomorrow I will be out on the drive knee deep in oil blood and skint knuckles, the neighbors will be crossing over to walk past as the usual tight bolt language appears again.

    I have always serviced my own cars as I like to know that everything has been done, and done with the right parts, yesterday I took delivery of a service kit from Cox Motor Parts complete with genuine Honda parts (wouldn't have anything less for a service), except the oil which is Mobil 1 0w30 fully synthetic (instead of the Honda branded bottles) of which I've ordered 7 liters so one can go in the shed for top-ups.

    I've never owned a diesel before so there will be a small learning curve but I can't imagine it will cause much of a problem, the only thing that concerns me is the location of the fuel filter, even after reading a few guides on it I'm still looking at it followed by a glance at my rather large hands, I'm sure it will be ok!

    After this is done I'll be off to the shops (online shops, as I hate physical shops) for some rear drop links as they rattle a little on the bumpy lanes, does anybody know where I can get either an official Honda set or a good quality set of pattern parts, the £20 sets on ebay don't give me much assurance!

    Wish me luck, and if all else fails the hospital is only up the road :lol:
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    Hi I'm sure there service will go well, they are not bad cars to work on these.
    Have you tried Holdcroft Honda affiliated to this site. I was very suprised at the discount you get if you are a contributing member, well worth it and superb service. I am a complete main dealer sceptic after many bad experiences and lost of pounds wasted but they are a complete exception. Well worth contcating and excellent service. (and no i don't work there LOL).

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    Yes, I've heard a lot of good things about Holdcroft, the only issue is the 240 miles between us. The only main dealer I've dealt with was the Kia dealer in Whitstable (back when I had a Kia), they were actually cheaper than most of the other local garages for some jobs and usually threw in a few extras while they were at it.

    I've been a little spoilt with easy engines to work on, my last car was a Rover 820 with the T16 engine, massive bay with a simple engine in it, only took an hour and a half to change the cambelt out on the driveway :Grin:

    p.s. the service has been postponed to Friday now as my partner decided she wanted to work today :Angry:. I don't think my youngest (6 month old) will let me do the work while I'm looking after her.