General Time to recommission the old girl, Syz 2.4 tourer.

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    Wow ! fantastic looking site fellas , Well done.

    Well after the whole diesel bag "O" nails i bought and eventually got refunded for i went out and bought an 03 2.4 tourer.
    100,000 miles and lovely ( I will get some pics when shes had a bath) So this now makes us a total Honda household, my tourer, The wifes 54 Type-S Civic and my VFR 750 motorbike.

    I'm putting this here more as a reminder of what im doing to the car as i bought it, drove it ... a bit.
    I haven't driven her in 3 months, the MOT is out as is the tax and she needs some love to get her back on the road.

    New bits needed:
    New front and rear disks and pads
    New rubber covers for the sliders on the front calipers,
    Noise coming from NS rear wheel (suspected bearing)
    Radiator ! No fins left in the old one, ( Full flush and thermostat too)
    Try and recommission the air con as that has packed up.
    :tut: good clean !
    Wheel refurb,
    I'm sure there will be more but as funds are tight at the mo ( We have a 4 month old boy now :Happy:) things will get done as and when.
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    Congrats mate when you say the radiator has no fins if you are looking from the front that will be the aircon condenser.The radiator is behind and that could be a reason whey your aircon is not working as the gas has leaked. So don't be in a hurry to buy a radiator check thoroughly. the aircon matrix/condensers are expensive but insists you buy new part , recons can be dirty and will wreck the compressor.

    Bearing on the near side is common for prefacelift cars at this mileage, I had mine replaced on. 2004 2.0 tourer around the same mileage.

    Let's look at the car buddy.
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    Actually Ichban, Who do we use for genuine parts nowadays ?
    Brake discs and pads can be pattern but things like wheel bearings will stay Honda .
    Gonna have to add bits already lol

    New battery,
    Look at boot mechanism as its intermittent.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    A large majority buy their parts on HK via Holdcroft Honda for great prices and free shipping.
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    I'd say they are both goosed :-(
    Also the power steering fluid wants replacing.
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    Holy radiators Batman!! What's happened to them?!
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    Ex navy submariners car, He drove to work and left the car parked up for 2-3 3-4 month's at a time.
    Near the sea if that makes any difference. it even came with a solar battery charger as it used to be left for so long that the battery would be flat when he came back.
    He has put a new ( warranted ) clutch and flywheel in there that's good.

    No rusty bits that I've seen ...

    Oh yeah ..more things .. need a full service and an air con rad !

    This is going to get expensive.
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    Well, Its been a while.....

    Just a quick rundown of the parts replaced so far,

    New rad
    New air con condenser
    New steering rack :Sobbing:
    New track rod ends
    New rear tyres
    New pads all round
    Oil, filter
    Air filter
    New iridiums
    New cabin filter

    Everything but the rack done by me ... The oil that came out was the worst dirty looking oil i have ever seen, You know that wispy little bit that drips for ever right at the end ?
    Well that wasn't see through was still jet black.
    So far i've done 2000 miles since the service and the oils changed colour already. So another 500 and its coming out, Worth flushing ?
    Also the air con mystery continues and i think the compressor has packed up through non use.
    I've tried manually jumping the relay on the compressor and nothing .. Zip, bugger all. Its just been regassed so there should be nothing stopping it from working.
    This is not a cheap car anymore !

    Still love it ..

    I do seem to be having what seems like a slight misfire/ holding back ... Definitely benefits from an Italian tuneup every now and again.
    Anything else i should check/ clean ?

    Oh and the :tut: boots temperamental....