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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Rorton, Sunday 3rd Jan, 2016.

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    We were not planning on getting rid of the accord just yet but a few recent problems DPF wise have made our mind up quicker.

    We decided petrol was the way to go, we're not doing the miles for diesel, and as we can't get a new Accord (naughty Honda!) we've ventured over to Mazda, and ordered a Mazda 6 Sport Nav 2.0 Petrol 165PS

    Will be sticking some for sale bits up shortly, set of Genuine Honda 18" Thunder Alloys with Tyres, Genuine Cargo Net (saloon) Genuine Gear :tut: (wood effect to match the EX) and a genuine fitted boot liner, just getting the wording for the ad's sorted now.

    How have other people found the jump from diesel to petrol? Had diesel for years.
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  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Sorry to hear you are selling your Accord and moving to a non Honda brand. Did you not fancy a petrol Accord ?

    Modern petrols can be quite economical, although initially you may miss the low end torque of a diesel, you should soon get use to using the petrol.
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    I had diesel for years too @Rorton - and if I was doing the miles I still might - but I have enjoyed the refinement of the petrol engine, which is quite a bit quieter and much smoother than the diesel. Having said that, I do sometimes miss the low down 'grunt' that diesel offers.

    Good luck with the Mazda. I liked the look of them when I was looking, and the discounts and offers they have are (were) pretty amazing.

    Yet another lost customer from Honda as no new Accord...the Civic Tourer just isn't in the same class.

    ^^ ...whereas my CR-V is the pride of a good old Japanese Wiltshire :lol:
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  5. nsxer Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    good luck with the mazda

    i think they are a great looking car especially in tourer guise

    tbh i might consider one myself when the CR-V is due to be replaced ... unless Honda UK has decided to be more open minded about what it wants to sell
    the range needs another accord
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    Maz 6 cracker, personally I'd opt for petrol, unless you're doing mega miles,u won't get your money back opting for diesel
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    All the new Mazda's on the Skyactiv platform are Mazda designed and developed and not shared or based off Ford's, they parted with Ford some time ago so not strangled by their hands anymore.

    I think it's a great purchase and its top motor, post some pics up when you get your hands on her.
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    Shame that you've defected but great motor is the Mazda 6.

    I've just ordered a Mazda 3 for wife, 2.0 sport Nav with a few bits and bobs on top.

    The petrol engine you have gone for drives lovely and I am sure you will love the change over from diesel. Yes you'll miss the low end grunt, but otherwise smooth and a fair amount of power for that car. And no DPF to be worried about! What more could you ask for?