General Time to sell my EX GT I think. Need an estate now!

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    Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been very active on the forum for a while. Its been a bit hectic here. Especially when i lost my job and struggled to find another decent one. Things have settled a bit now and I seem to be back on track but I only get about 60 mins a night to unwind before bed and repeat the day again. At the minute I'm in the middle of creating a playroom and sourcing a kitchen for garage storage. All this while running after a 1 year old shouting " I'm the boss!" Lol So you'll have to forgive me for me for being a little busy.

    Over the last 12 months it's become apparent that I could do with an estate.... I mean tourer! The problem I have is the cost of changing and what car to change to.

    My criteria is a car that can actually do 45mpg round town. 58 MPG on a 80mph motorway. Look nice. Big boot with hatch that could take large items like a fridge etc. A quiet comfy ride. Good stereo.

    what car do you think I should look at?
    should I do a pcp thing on a brand new car?
    Should I sell privately or just trade in save time and hassle?

    I test drove a Civic tourer EX top of the range the other day which was great to drive bit really felt cheap when sitting back in the accord.

    The Accord tourers I've briefly seen seemed to be around£13000. Plus the fuel economy isn't the best from what I've read from members. It does tick a lot of boxes but unless I could do a straight swap I can't see it being worth it.

    I'm now thinking if I can afford it to look at a mazda 6 175 sport tourer. Either buy a 2013 version or a 2015 on a pcp. The 2015 version has been revised so apparently has a comfier ride now. This would be on a pcp but I need to get my head round it as I don't know much about them.

    I'm really gutted I need to change but I definitely need a bigger boot along with a bigger wallet. Lol
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    I must admit that the new mazdas really interest me especially as they are still manufacturered in Japan. Their skyactive engines are really good as well.

    If i don't get another honda then the mazda will be at the top of my list for sure.

    If you can afford it and the criteria around a pcp contract then go for it I would say. Do your research about the pcp; especially the mileage
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    Having had a few Mazda 6's in the past I cringe at the thought of them, the quality difference between the early Mazda6s and 7th Generation Accords was worlds apart. I had a few issues with Mazda 6's one would get through aux belt tensioners like they were made of chocolate (not fun at £200 a pop) and the other had an oil drinking habit from the ripe old mileage of only 60K. These were Ford Duratec power units. The gearboxes always felt slightly crunchy and that's just how they were.

    No idea if the latest Mazdas 6 have closed the quality gap compared to the 8th Generation Accord. They may well have done as the 8th Generation Accord is now a good few years old itself but I think I've personally been put off the Mazdas for life (or so it seems at the moment).
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    I looked at the Mazda 3 last year before I got my CR-V, and I also looked at (but didn't drive) the latest Mazda 6 in the showroom.

    All I can say @Racy Jace is go and have a look. I looked at the 6 a few months previously and wasn't impressed, especially with the quality of the interior compared to my 8th Generation Accord. BUT, they then did a refresh and the quality (on the surface at least) in both the 3 and the 6 took a great leap forwards. I think you'll be impressed with the latest version.

    Whether the engineering quality, drive, and reliability is any good I have no idea I'm afraid. I do like the looks though, and the equipment and prices (and the discounts!) are all strong.

    I took a PCP for the first time this year on my CR-V, only because it was a 0% offer and came with an additional £1500 'deposit contribution' i.e. why wouldn't I have taken that?!

    They seem to work well as long as you know that you won't exceed the annual mileage, as if you were planning to take out another PCP at the conclusion you will have to pay a penalty for miles over, which can be as low as 3p a mile but as high as 7p a mile.

    If you aren't sure what the future holds with regard to use and mileage, I'd steer clear personally if there is any possibility of going well over.
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    I have sat in the latest Skyactiv versions and was impressed compared to Hondas top ex in the Civic. The 2013 mazda only had a few quality issues with some cheap window buttons and electric seat buttons but on the hole it seemed nice. The 2015 has had a make over with a leather trim dash but importantly to me they've meant to have improved the refinement and noise. I still find the 8th Generation GT Hondas a better meaner looking car especially the pre face lift. It's just if I'm goin to have to pay a lot of money out for a new car I'd expect certain improvements ie better engine and updated interior etc.

    If I'd bought an Accord Tourer from the start I wouldn't be changing. lesson is to plan past 4 years of ownership I guess.

    My milage will be 10k a year or 40 miles a day. I could probably go for a petrol this time if I wanted too especially as the 165bhp petrol is meant to do 47mpg. In reality I have no idea what I'd actually get.

    The pcp is 0% and 1500 contribution. The issue I have is what happens if after 3 years they won't let me carry on and I'm forced to buy the car. I actually read that happened to so someone. I might just be getting paranoid now but I am finding the whole idea of changing cars daunting now. I do need a bigger boot though.

    I think before I commit to anything I'm going to wait to hear back from my appraisal at work. I was told I've been doing a great job and should be really proud of what I've achieved in a short space of time. I just hope they give me a small pay raise to back up their gratitude.
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    My folks had a 2007 Mazda 3 and it was reliable, comfy and easy to drive. I drove it a lot as my dad was disabled and I was the 2nd named driver on it (motability car). It was only a 1.6l auto (petrol) and didn't get great MPG's, I think 39mpg was the best we got with 3 people and some luggage in it... average was low 30's for around town stuff. But it was a low power auto so you can add around 3-4mpg onto that average with a manual.

    Build quality on Mazda's did suffer a little in the early 2000's but improved greatly. The Mazda diesel wasn't the greatest thing in my book... But if you can get them now with the Ford diesel engine then that's pretty bullet proof. The biggest problem with Mazda diesels is that it's very, and I do mean very... rare to find one with a high spec. So if you are used to the EX spec, you'll struggle to find one with all the toys and leather and so forth. I don't know why... just seems that people who buy diesel Mazda's get a pretty basic spec one for some reason.

    If you are still leaning towards jap cars, then the Toyota Avensis estate is a good car, decent build, reliable and plenty of boot space... It was my 2nd choice if I couldn't find an Accord.
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    ^^Hate to say it, but the Mazda 6 is (IMHO) a different class of car to the Civic Tourer.

    The Civic Tourer may be a good car, but at the end of the day it is a family hatch trying to be something it isn't. The Mazda 6 is a family saloon / executive car from the start.
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    I'm at mazda now. Running off the spec of my car still puts the latest mazda to shame. There top sport model doesn't even come with sports peels as standard!

    The sales man commented on the lack of dents in my car saying I park really well. I said it's down to those over priced side mouldings. Lol they did the trick.
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  9. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    Why don't you look at a 4th Generation CR-V @Racy Jace ?
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    ^^I had them on my 8th Generation and in 40k miles - a lot of which were parked in office and hotel car parks - the flanks didn't get a single dent. Well worth it...:Smile:
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    I thought the CR-V would be out my price range. Ill have to have another look. It needs to be the equipment spec of mine. I did look briefly and the car was 35k.!
  11. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    New they are...but nearly new there are (relative) bargains to be had...:Wink:

    Vehicle View - Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC SR 5-Door - Chiswick

    Vehicle View - Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC SR 5-Door - Chiswick

    Vehicle View - Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC EX 5-Door - Chiswick

    I went from an EX Accord to an SR CR-V (mainly because I didn't want leather seats!) and the only thing I missed was the electric seats. Then again, how often do you move your seat!?!

    The first SR here is the pre-facelift and without navigation, second one is 2015MY with nav. Last one is a 2015MY EX. All available between £20 - £25k.

    Sorry - am making the assumption that you want a diesel? Plenty of 2.0 litre petrols available as well.
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    Interesting topic.

    I probably should've looked ahead 4 years like you say @Racy Jace and bought a 7th generation tourer. Could do with the space.

    I also agree on the Mazda 6 tourer petrol. At the moment it's between that and an 8th generation Accord Type-S tourer for my next car. Haven't sat in or drove either car so that'll be the real test.

    Interested to hear views on PCP too. I've never financed a car in this way.
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    I think the choice also depends a lot on how much space you want, and need.

    A CR-V (or similar) bests both the Accord and the Mazda Tourers with ease - both in terms of boot space and leg room. If you don't need the absolute space, then I can see why an estate might appeal, but now that I've got used to the high driving position (which I much prefer) and general practicality again, I wouldn't go back to a non-SUV. Just the extra height makes getting in and out and putting things in and out so much easier.
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    IMG_0153. IMG_0154. IMG_0155.

    ^^Just to illustrate. The wheel arches restrict the width a bit, but it isn't too bad. It really is a great big, flat, square space. And the seats fold fully with just one pull of the lever in the boot, which is excellent!
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    the legroom in back is enormous :O seats down you can probably fit my Jazz in there :Grin: :Niceone:
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    If you look carefully you'll see that the passenger seat is as far back as it will go as well!
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    I have been looking for a bigger car now for nearly a year.
    I don't need massive boot space as much as i need more leg room for my 3 kids and Accord is just not doing the job anymore .

    I've looked at estates etc but nothing beats CR-V.
    I am finding hard to let go of my Accord and short on funds at the moment but i can see myself getting a petrol CR-V in next year or so.
    Take it for a test drive @Racy Jace ,you'll be surprised how spacious they are.
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    The space within that CR-V is impressive - never realised it was so spacious
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    It is the trump card for the CR-V - like most new Hondas, the practicality is what sells them I think (and the reliability of course).

    I swear there is more legroom and boot space in the new Jazz than there was in my Accord...

    The trade off is the drive. The CR-V is supremely comfortable, but it does wallow around the corners as it is pretty softly sprung. It isn't 'sharp' to drive, but then again it isn't about that. Worth noting though.
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    And it's built in Swindon!
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    Pcp seems to work in 3 stages and is ok if you've got a big deposit and keep extending the pcp. Otherwise you've a 9k cost to pay again.

    Basically put an 8.5k deposit.
    3 years of £300 a month including GAP. (£10300)
    Final payment of £9200 to keep car or get new car and carry on with £300 a month.

    If you right the car off I think your in the crap pa as GAP doesn't cover it and a garage won't give you much for it. So in essance you've then bought the car. I need to look into this gap a bit more unless anyone else has had experience with it.

    I might actually be better off stumping up the cash for a pre registered one. I'm gonna see what the dealer says a 2013 mazda 6 would be worth as a trade in and work the figures out from there. In theory I should be 5k better off but we'll see.

    I know the CR-V is a better choice over all for space but I don't think Honda do 0% do they?

    I'm going to look into the CR-V tonight online and browse this site for what it's economy is like. I not sure if to go petrol or diesel yet. I actually fancy an auto again too. I really am getting old now! Auto and estate!
  20. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    Honda do 0% from time to time - it was a 0% deal that I took.

    My CR-V was brand new, with the maximum deposit of about £6k I got the balance back from my Accord trade in as cash (nice!) and only pay £260 a month. Can't remember exactly what the GFV is, but believe it is about £12k after 3 years, which makes buying it worthwhile as the residual forecast would have it costing about £15k from a dealer.

    Do the maths, and make sure you won't go over the mileage - and that you will have the cash to buy at the end if that makes most sense, do you don't end up locked in to finance for ever.
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