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    United Kingdom Skip Woking
    Manufacturers agree to allow in-season engine development in 2016

    In season development has been relaxed, No homologation date has been set and no components have been frozen!

    The Power wars,

    they have begun.

    send for the Mugen, Grams and Deamon tweets catalogs! All hands to battle stations and power up the proton generator! No Surrender!

    Best news I've had since RON decided to Keep JB.
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Honda Horsepower! get the gloves off get ready for the duel, you will lose.
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  3. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    Go Honda. First catch the pack. Then go ahead. Then disappear into the distance...

    I wonder if this was an influence on Jenson sticking around?

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    United Kingdom Kash Nelson
    I reckon they won't be the leading engine, but will be far better than this season.
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    United Kingdom Skip Woking
    Oh I agree, I've said since the reformation was announced that its going to take them at least three years before they truly challenge for the top step of the podium, I'm just hyped up because Honda F1 engines tend to develop well and quickly when there's no crippling rules removing the chances for actual development with 105 grid place penalties. Plenty of tokens now, should be a very good season to watch in 2016.