Engine & Gearbox Timing Chain - Out Of Warranty

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    Hi all, just found the user group and appears to be full of great info :Smile:

    As sods law would have it we now have the rattling timing chain issue after the 7 year warranty has expired and are at our witts end about what do do about it. If it is going to cost 3k to fix then its more than the car is worth.

    I get the impression that Honda won't fix it without doing the injectors as well. It appears to usthis that makes the whole repair uneconomical. So is this really required and does anyone have any feeling for what the basic parts of the two chains and tensioners should cost and how many hours a competant mechanic should take to change them?
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    Hello Posidrive, pop over to the introductions section and say hello.
    The injectors don't necessarily have to be replaced, depends if they break coming out. Why don't you give Holdcroft Honda a call in Stoke and speak to them about it. They are AOC's affilated dealer.
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    Thanks for the reply. We finally got around to getting it worked on and horror of horrors the injectors are well and truely stuck. Our mechanic (he knows is stuff and does overflow work for our local performance workshop that does work for Willliams) has spent 5 hours trying to get them out without breaking them and it looks like we have come to the point where we have to decide upon whether or not it is worth going any further or getting rid of her. It looks like removing the injectors once they break could turn into a bottomless pit of a job and possibly end up costing more that that she is worth. I'm starting to get the impression that the 2005 and earlier diesels are not Honda's finest hour. I think that the the guy who works for Honda that I met in the gym last night will avoid me from now on after the ear bending I gave him a few days ago :Smile:

    So, a couple of more questions if I may?

    - What would a 2004 CDTi with 110k miles with this problem be worth. Rather sad to get next to nothing because it has a virtually new turbo that we replaced this time last year.

    - We still love Honda's (just :Smile: ), having owned the previous two versions of the Aerodeck, and want another one. What year models do not have this chain problem and is there anything else to look out for? We love the diesel economy but should we just stay away from the diesels?

    Hopefully we'll be back and become more active on the forum :Smile:
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    I can relate to your situation , however to set the record right Honda didn't make the injectors it was Bosch, so blame the Bosch designers. The injectors on the I-CTDI are known to jam. Honda dealers have a special pneumatic tool to remove all injectors from the head in one efficient move.

    Backstreet garages or highly trained technicians will not have access to this tool which makes light work.
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    From what I understand Honda delears won't replace the chain with replacing the injectors even if they get the old ones out in one piece which at £400 per injector tends to make the job marginal from the economics at best and as I understand it there is still the possibility (albeit small) that the hydraulic machine will fail to get the injector out without breaking and the heads then have to come off anyway.
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    Not entirely correct Holdcroft Honda have done numerous of Accord from here who have not been given that clause. If the old injectors come out cleanly they will replace the timing chain for you.

    I have seen a Civic where the injector refused to come off even on a press it will not budge, the guy ended up buying a new head from ebay. You may need a second opinion before you throw the towel in.

    Lastly sell it and get a petrol Accord no such messing around.
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    Pity Holdcroft Honda weren't nearer, but after driving from Swindon to Manchester on Friday no way are we ever venturing North of Birmingham on the M6 ever again :Smile:

    Anyway, last straw was the car deciding that it would rather inject the fuel into the engine bay than the engine. Probably a mirracle that we didn't go up in flames. Only noticed something was up when we went through half a tank of fuel in 100 miles.

    Goods news in that were are now the proud owners of a low mileage 2005 2.0i Tourer. Happy to be back in petrol land :Smile:
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    Gald it all sorted now bud, glad you are back into a petrol car. get some pictures up :Thumbup:
  9. Welcome back to the world of trouble-free Honda motoring :Wink: