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    Timing Chains 7th Generation I-CTDI

    After quite a bit of searching around the internet to look at timing chain replacement costs the prices seem to range from £1200 to £2000.

    Phoenix Close Honda Specialists can now replace the timing chain and tensioner, oil pump chain and tensioner and four new injector selas for £1100 all inc.

    The injectors can be a real pain to remove and its basically the luck of the draw if they come out without a fight. Any injectors that require taking the tops of to be removed will be sent to a diesel injector company that i have used and trust and be recallobrated with a print out of the results.

    Included in this price is an oil change but for a extra £20 we will replace the oil filer aswell.

    We ask for the car for 5 days, although most are completed within 2 days. This means there is no rushing and mistakes will not happen. The last thing we want is a customer paying all this money for them to be unhappy with the service we have carried out.

    This offer is exclusively for Accord Owners Club members only.


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    Nice one Chris...

    When you going to open shop in Northampton....:GoodJob:

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