Electrical & Lights Tips for keeping longer lasting headlights?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Benji, Sunday 22nd Apr, 2012.

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    Does anyone have any tips on how to keep your headlights from burning out? It is a major pain in the butt for me when one of my headlights do burn out. I have to take it to my mechanic so he can fix it. I wish I could do it myself...is it an easy fix for someone who is not a handy man?
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    Well first using genuine headlights for starters does help, but if your car is popping them far too easily then you have a underlying fault on the car. A auto electrician should be able to pin point the fault be that a relay , earth point , engine tune, alternator , electrical connectors , short wires the list is endless.
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    They're not difficult to change I take your time and have a good luck around whats involved before you start and you shouldn't have any trouble. Try to keep the bulbs glass area clean, try and avoid touching it if at all possible. They get extremely hot and fingerprints on the glass can lead to and are of uneven heat dissipation which may shorten bulb length. If there is a huge cost difference between the ones in your local garage or parts store vs Honda ones I'd get the cheap ones. I've never bought OEM bulbs and I've never found them to last any great deal shorter.

    If I need one for my Accord soon I'll take a few pictures of how to do it and stick them up.

    Good luck if you go to try it!
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    Also check you have correct fuse in i was going through 2-3 bulbs a wk until realised had wrong fuse in
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    What sort of length of time are they lasting?
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    Mine are lasting about 2 weeks. Came out to go to work on friday night, auto lights came on, both headlights blown togethor. It is one point of the honda that annoys me !!! I've read some people have put HID conversions in ?? Is this a hard job ?
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    I converted to a HID kit which lasted longer about 2 months but when they blow or burn out a pain to change,I've gone back to normal and like my last post changed the fuses mine had 20a in of top of my head think they should be 10a its worth having a quick look unfortunately for me took me about 6months until i checked
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    Mine are 15 amp. Might change to 10 then. Since changing to 10 have you had a problem ? Thanks in advance.
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    No mate and im a taxi driver so lights on every night worth a try you can always change back if does not cure keep us updated
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    Will do. Thanks for advise.