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    My TMC has failed in my tourer, it was working fine up until a few weeks ago. I have done the usual and checked the diagnostics and I get a yellow tmc-ant icon. :Aghast:

    I will try to get a pic up of the actual strength and such later today.

    Has anyone else heard of it failing in the 8th Generation as I know it happened to quite a few people in the 7th?
    Does anyone know where the antenna for it is located so I can check that out?

    EDIT: Added pics.
    Whilst driving I kept this screen on and the frequency changed several times, the field strength was moving between 3 and 9. At one point the uncorrected blocks went up to 254, at no point did the provider count move from 0 :Sobbing:

    tmc1. tmc2.JPG
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    TMC data is transmitted on the back of commercial FM stations, it may be the agreement they had with the station you used to receive data from has not been renewed.....you could try contacting them to see what stations near you are carrying their data. The signal is received as part of the standard FM signal so it will use the same aerial as the radio, which is either the rear window demister element and/or the ones in the rear side windows.
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    Also you can get in touch with TMC to see if they have an outage in your area ?
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    Will try ringing TMC about it and see what they say fingers crossed thats all it is!

    - - - Updated - - -

    As luck has it when I was popping out to get lunch a colleague was just getting out of their car (Civic) so quickly ran over to them and asked if their tmc was working. After a few seconds of blankness I explained to them what it was, anyway long story short it works in their car but not mine.

    Will still ring Traffic Master for completeness, but am at a loss now as to what it can be, anyone got any fault finding tips or know if/where the wire runs from and to so I can check it out?
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    Spoken with traffic master and no reported faults in area, I also had the luck of travelling for work this week not f ar (60ish miles) and still dead.

    Guess im going to have o bite the bullet and get it in to the local $tealer and see what they say.