Service & Maintenance To svrs or not svrs?

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    Just had the SvRS say that an A service is due in 800 miles. I've read the threads on SvRS but remain confused!

    I bought my 8th Generation this July. Its service book shows 3 services : first one at 8800 miles / 7 months, second at 20,000 miles / 19 months and the last service at 24,600 miles / just under 24 months. All stamps are in the 12500 service schedule in the service book. SvRS is switched on and it is now telling me that an A service is needed in 800 miles time (about 33000 miles). The question is do I wait until January, which will be 12 months after its last service or do I switch to servicing according to the SvRS system? My fear is if I have an A service done now, will a B service/inspection be needed in January or thereabouts?

    I could just reset the SvRS I guess and continue with the 12500 mile schedule. I would welcome any advice from others on what to do! Thanks in advance!
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    Drop me a PM I will give my mobile number and it will be clear in 5 minutes.
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    I've just had exactly the same dilemma on my I-DTEC.

    Mine is on SvRS, and came up for an AB456 (I think is what they said - fuel filters and such as well as major service) only 10.5k miles and 9 months after the last service, which was also an AB. I'll pick it up this morning and see what they've done from the service sheet.

    I take the view that if Honda have given the car the technology, then they have done it for a reason and it will be thought through. My dealer discussed the option of switching it off, but I'm going to stick with it given the sort of mileage I'm doing - mainly long motorway runs, albeit a bit less frequent in the past 3 months, which is why my mileage has dropped somewhat.

    I want to look after the car and make it last, so have decided that more frequent servicing should be better, if only for more regular oil and filter changes...

    Actually it was an AB 4-7-8 - looking at the service reminder system service checklist sheet, that meant they also:
    - replaced the fuel filter (4)
    - changed the brake fluid (7)
    - replaced the air cleaner element (8)
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    i would like to know how to clear the service light too. mine says -200 and then spanner.