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    We have a Honda Accord 3.0 VTEC 2001 that won't start. Done all the usual checks - spark, new spark plugs, battery is fine, fuses fine etc. However we had a mechanic out and managed to get it going but only when clamping the fuel line as there is too much fuel getting to the spark plugs drowning them. Any ideas what may cause this? I've looked for fuel regulators but not sure if this could be the problem, anyone else ever had this?

    Many thanks, any experience / advice appreciated!

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    hey - im no expert! But have you changed the fuel filter?
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    hey thanks for the reply

    No, not changed the fuel filter. The trouble is there is too much fuel coming through so I'm presuming the fuel filter is ok?

    Had thought of the temp sensor as that kind of regulates the fuel but it's not activated until the engine is warm, and not getting the car to start then the engine hasn't had a chance to get warm. Just doesn't seem like a fuel pump problem. We've checked the vacuum hose for leaks but it's fine, just can't pin point what it could be! :Unknown:
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    Only one thing can rule this out: a fuel pressure test.
    In which case there are still 2 possibilities.
    1) fuel pressure is OK, so the 'to much' is caused by injector opening time being to big
    2) fuel pressure is to high: change the pressure regulator
    How do you mean the temp sensor is not activated until warm? It is always activated and can cause a to much fuel also. But this would come together with a DTC.
    Same goes for MAP/MAF sensors that measure the incoming air and temp. If they give false info to the ECU, to much fuel is possible also. But here also, a DTC is expected.
    You should know that a bit to high or to low fuel pressure is no problem at all. The ECU adapts very quick to this and it is part of the 'correction values' for injection time. ECU recognises a higher or lower fuel pressure because it's measured by the lambda sensor.
    Only if the correction is out of a preset 'acceptable' correction a DTC will be generated.
    As you can't start the car anymore I presume this problem came overnight when standing still? Very strange. Did you try starting without an activated fuel pump? You would expect an easy start in such case and it's a simple way of verifying the pressure is really the cause of this.
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    have you tried the ECU temp sensor if its gone bad it can cause non starting as its not sending the correct signal to the ECU i have had that prob on a couple of vw's and fords in the past and a Civic and when and if they do start they run like a bag of crap not sure where it is situated on the v6 though