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    Hi guys,

    A quick post to say Happy New Year to everyone and give you all a quick update on what’s going on with the magazine in 2012!

    Last month we announced that a new editor would soon be joining Total Honda to help improve the content of the magazine. We are delighted to confirm that Matt Robinson has now taken over and more info on Matt’s appointment and background can be found here New Editor joins Total Car Magazines | Total Car Magazines

    Matt and the team are currently in the process of planning the content for the year ahead and want to hear from you with feature car or article suggestions. This is your chance to be really involved in the direction of the magazine so please get in touch. It’s great that people voice their opinions on forums but it is very hard for us to translate these feelings into actual magazine content so, if you do have any suggestions for the magazine we would urge you to email Matt directly on [email protected] .

    We realise the importance of online forums and clubs and have created a new regular feature to appear within the pages of Total Honda. “The Forums’ View” will start in the Mar-Apr issue (out end of February) and will cover a different current topic each issue where a member from each forum will get to voice their opinion. We will be in touch with the forum admins and contacts in the next couple of weeks to determine exactly how the forum representative will be selected.

    As readers of the Jan-Feb issue will have noticed, there is a new Club Focus section in the magazine which we hope to continue in future. Each issue we will select a club to appear within the magazine with up to 20 members being selected to showcase their rides.
    The Club Cars has also proved to be an immensely popular way for members from our supporting clubs to get their cars into the magazine so anyone wishing to represent their club in the Club Car section or nominate their club for a Club Focus should email [email protected] and we can provide more information.

    SHOWS / MEETS IN 2012
    As well as attending the major shows in 2012, you can expect to see a big presence from Total Honda at even more meets and events, as well as special one-off rolling road and RWYB days and competitions we will be holding across the country. We will bring you more information on this shortly!

    HONDA IDOL 2012
    Voting is going well for Honda Idol 2012 Round 1 – if you want to see the shortlist and vote for your favourite, or enter your own car for future rounds, please visit Honda Idol Round 1 | Total Car Magazines

    A quick reminder that we recently launched a new app for iPad and iPhone which would allow readers to purchase an electronic version of the magazine from iTunes. An app for Android, Blackberry and PC platforms will be announced shortly – please see NOW LIVE! iTunes : New apps for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch | Total Car Magazines for more information.

    And finally….

    Total Honda subscribers can expect a belated Xmas pressie to drop through their doors in the next few days as a thank you for your support in 2011!

    Well that wasn’t so ‘quick’ after all but that’s all for now!

    The Total Honda team
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Just bought Jan/Feb issue and had a quick look through.will read it tonight properly.Love this magazine.
    DC5 looks awesome,wish i had money to buy something like that.:Frown:
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    Just received my letter today Thanks Lesley and the Total Honda team.
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