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    I have a 1997 Civic with Cyprus Green paint ref::G82-P,it has some scratches however,I cannot seem to find a stock, any help?
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    hello @pauld it will be easier for us to figure out what car have you got if you add it to the club garage so you don't have to tell what car have you got and other details each time you ask a question.

    Use this guide

    G82-P is coming up as dark green pearl but anyways as long as the code is correct you can contact any automotive paint suppliers to mix you the correct colour.

    I have ordered touch up paints before and have been quite happy with the results.

    Recently used them car parts, radiators items in Victoria Auto Parts store on eBay! for my Honda Civic. Ordered a spray can paint and it matched quite nicely.

    paints4ucomltd on eBay used these guys to order touch up kit for my Yaris and they were good aswell..

    Send anyone of them a message and they should be able to help you out
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