Electrical & Lights Tourer electric tailgate (again)

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    Having issue with my accord electric tailgate and think i've gone through all of the existing posts without any success. My tailgate will lower from both the remote button on the keyfob and by pressing the button on the tailgate. It will change direction (read this as go up) if I again press the button while it's moving downwards, however it will not do anything when in the fully down/locked position (seems dead with no warning beeps or lights on the dashboard). I have so far disconnected the battery for 10 min and swapped the N/S/F electric window switch with no change in symptoms. The gas struts appear good as when you operate the tailgate lock manually it will rise to the fully open position. On inspection of the mechanism under the headlining i noted that there is a multiplug that isn't connected to anything and have included a picture of it.

    Hoping someone can give me so ideas of what to try next.

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    Have you tried cleaning and lubricating the lock mechanism as mine this just before we went on holiday and it was the lock.
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    why did you expect that swapping the N/S/F electric window switch would make any difference ?

    what year is the car ?
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    made a mistake between mine and newer model.
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    so what year is your car ?

    (it is relevant information)
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    thanks for that. Issue is that the tailgate closes OK and will actually go back up if you press the remote before it locks. Also, when fully down/locked it makes no sound whatsoever when you press the remote.
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    does it unlock using the outside handle ?

    what year is the car ?
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    car is late 2003. If you pull the handle on the tailgate the lock releases, but the tailgate does not open automatically, although it does go up via the gass struts after it reaches a point.
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    Pull the handle on the outer tailgate, let the tailgate rest like that, then press the "open" on the keyfob and see what happens.
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    Nothing, it will only go up/open when you press the remote as it closes. Once stationary it does nothing.
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    It's possibly the cable/loom at the top (just in the roof), one of the wires in that is possibly broken and makes contact after a certain position.

    This problem with the cable/loom is not uncommon on these older tailgates.

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    The other thing to try first, is what @NottsBiker said, read this Accord tourer tailgate lock adjust / replace
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    no matter where the tailgate is it will not lift unless you abort closing it as it is in a downward motion when it will lift no problem. Do you know what sensors it uses to decide it's closed as this seems to be where the problems start.
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    Ok... I'll give these a go and see what happens.

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    what do the touch sensors look like @jimjams ? I'm looking at the tailgate and there is nothing that's obvious. Also, how do they work...are they magnetic pickup
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    Touch sensors are on the sides, they're "pressure" sensors, they look a bit like reversing sensors. They are wired in parallel on each side, so the upper and lower on each side are in the same circuit each side. They prevent closing, not opening.

    There is no position sensor on the motor or the ram, the system relies on the mechanisms/latches in the "closer" unit. The switches inside are known to give problems. The problem is likely to be inside that unit, either that or a dodgy wire in the loom.
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    when the tailgate operates as it should what is the sequence of events until it reaches fully open? Given that when the tailgate is closed and i press the fob and nothing happens, not a single click/beeps/noise it's as if it's not even trying. Although the tailgate stops when descending, i don't think the motor is actually pushing it up, but rather the gas struts are opening it, so is there any reason why the motor would not turn in the opposite direction?
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    No the struts don't have the "power" to push the tailgate up, they are there to keep it in the fully-open position. Try lifting it manually halfway, the struts don't push it up further if you let go. When the tailgate is closing and you push the "open" button on the key-fob, it is definitely the motor that opens the tailgate again.

    I tested the tailgate on my car and the motor won't open the tailgate once you've started opening it manually, I thought it did, sorry if I misled you in #10.

    The fact that this is so, shows that when the latches inside the "closer" system are not showing (to the tailgate-ECU) to be in the correct position (either because the latches are not, or because the switches are "dirty") then the tailgate-ECU will not start the motor.
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    It's a fault in this "closer" unit, or broken wires in the loom up to the tailgate-ECU.

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    one other thing, can you hear the "closer" motor when the tailgate shuts ?

    also, check that the plastic handle on the outside is not slightly jammed