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    I have recently bought a 58 plate tourer which came with a Honda removable towbar and 12n single socket, previously fitted by a dealer. I thought I would check it with the van plugged in to see what warnings I would get if an indicator bulb failed on the caravan, and found it was flashing away as usual with no warning lamp or beep. I thought it was a requirement to have some kind of audible or visual warning if a trailer/caravan indicator bulb failed, but when I asked the local dealer's workshop technician I was told there was no provision on the car and I would just have to keep checking the bulbs visually.

    Does anyone know if the car has to be "programmed" to accept the trailer socket and check for faulty bulbs, or do you need to purchase a third party device to do this ?
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    hello and welcome to AOC,I have never seen the that feature enabled on the 7th or the 8th Generation , you may have to look for a aftermarket solution.

    I would personally do the physical check to see the lamps are working than trust a device.
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    Thanks for the quick reply, I had a feeling that I might need an aftermarket add-on. I'll make sure that we check the indicator bulbs every time we set off, but I thought there was a legal requirement to have a warning for the driver of this.

    Is there a list of features, that can be enabled or disabled via programming, available anywhere ?
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    I'm sure there's no requirement for bulb failure, but in the back of my mind I remember last time I installed a towbar there was an audible warning when the indicators were on.
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    Agree with Rob. There's an audible warning when the indicators are on but not for anything else.
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    Doc, that's what I thought there should be, is the warning device in the boot area or the dash ?
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    It's nothing to do with the Accord. It's part of the wiring kit for the towbar. As CJ said there is no feature on the 7th or 8th Generation for this, totally aftermarket even if fitted by Honda.
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    Thanks Rob, I guess I figured with the car having fairly complex onboard electronics that this may be built in, I'll look into an aftermarket warning device.
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    I Fitted my Towbar to my 09 Tourer last September with 13 pin Electrics (Its the way to go, No more burnt out pins !!!) I used a dedicated wiring loom which just plugged in to the wiring loom in the boot, Indicator bulb failure on the caravan is indicated by a faster than usual flasher rate.It is a legal requirment to have some form of indication audible or visual of bulb failure.
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    Bit of a necropost, but someone might find it useful.

    For a couple of months there I was hearing a quiet bleeping noise in the car (source unknown) every time I indicated and a double bleep every time I braked, but only when it was raining.
    It was driving me mental.

    It turns out it was a fault indicator/relay unit attached to the towbar socket that was the culprit.
    Back in July I cut the cable to the socket after bottoming out the back end in a multi story car park and just tucked the cable out of the way.
    When it got wet though, it must have been shorting the wires and causing the fault indicator unit to bleep.

    It's located behind the trim in the off side of the boot, behind the access panel for the light cluster.