Pre-Facelift Model Towbar wiring through bulkhead to battery

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    Towbar wiring through bulkhead to battery SOLVED

    On my prefacelift 2003 (03) Accord Tourer Exec 2.4i Auto I have found a way to thread the power wire to the battery without drilling any holes.

    So, I've finished the tow-bar fitting. Wow, what a job! two and a bit days...

    Having searched these very forums for some advice on getting the power wire through the bulkhead, I was about to drill a hole but then thought about it again and had a good rummage round. Guess what... there is a ready made hole from the passenger footwell into the wheel arch (covered by the wheel arch cover). Phew.

    So, to help others, here are some pics:
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    Great info Andacami ! I've used that route before whilst doing an LPG conversion.
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    Thanks for the guide sure this will help a few keen diyer! :GoodJob: