Body, Paint & Styling Towbars on a Accord 58 Tourer

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    I was thinking of buying a towbar for my 58 Plate EX 2.2 Accord Tourer but Honda prices seem a litttle steep so I was looking at other options.
    In the manual it points to the fact there is a connector on the loom for electrics of the tow bar on the right hand side cargo bay. The problem being the audio system is there before I start pulling the linings apart will I be on the right track. And if I don't do it myself who would people recomend to fit a bar around the NorthWest as I could easily turn the electrics to a 5 bar fire if I made a fundemental mistake with all the electrics I am trying to weigh up my options
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    Bought and fitted myself a Witter towbar from P F Jones with electical kit dedicated for Accord everything works fine and was easy to fit. If I had to do it again I could do it in three hours. One complaint would those little clips that hold the plastic bumper to under panels were rusty to a point of being rotten its only 5 years old. Pity Mr Honda does not make them it A4 stainless to resist road salt.
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    Which manufacturer makes stainless steel bolts to fasten bumpers and trims. It our climate which is not suitable for them.. Having said that the car also requires a undercarriage wash every three months to ensure these bolts don't seize up or rust.

    In the last 5 years how many times has your undercarriage been thoroughly cleaned?
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