Tyres & Wheels TPMS light after winter wheels installed

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    Winter is coming where I am located. A few days ago I finally put on my winter wheels for the first time. I did not get winter tires the first year of ownership.

    I was able to find a really good deal on a set of winter tires, OEM 16" steel wheels and OEM TPMS. Basically the previous owner purchased the winter wheel set at the Honda dealership but now no longer owns the car. She had driven on them for one season. When I measured the tire tread it still had 11/32" which is basically brand new. It came with Michelin X-ICE Xi2.

    After I had completed the tire switch over I drove my CR-V to a gas station to set my tire pressures. This is the weird thing, I was able to "reset" the TPMS by way of the button that is located on the dash. After driving for about 200 km since I put them on the TPMS light still has not come on. Shouldn't it come on
    since the TPMS was never paired to my car? Can someone explain this?

    Since treads are exciting with picture I decided to adds some!

    Winter Wheels

    Summer Wheels
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    I don't have the answers for you @AspenK24. Hopefully one of the other members can help. :help:
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