Pre-Purchase Trade my 2009 EX Accord for new Sports Tourer - am i mad?

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    OK guys,

    i have my 2009 accord coming on almost a year now. Its got about 50 thousand miles on the clock.

    I am finding it a bit expensive to run fuel wise and tax wise (ireland)

    I phoned my local honda dealer today and they would offer me a sports tourer on PCP.

    These figures are euro but they will give you an idea.

    Sports Tourer is 28k plus here

    He would give me 17 for my Accord.

    If I do PCP - i would give an 8k deposit for the Tourer and he would hand me back a cheque of 9k. My monthly payments would be 359 over 36 months.

    At the end I would owe a balance or could trade in/up to a hopefully by then new accord.

    In terms of win for me. I would be saving 210 on annual tax (due end of sep) 180 versus 390 euro on the accord

    And i reckon I would save about 1/3rd on fuel so instead of 50 euro per week, i'd hopefully get away at around 30 per week. So an annual saving of 20 * 45 + 210 on tax and about 50 euro in insurance. Roughly a saving of 1150 plus I would be in a new car.

    I could bank the 9k and that would cover roughly 26 months repayments on the tourer.

    The downsides?

    I lose
    30 BHP
    Leather interior with heated seats and electric adjustments
    Lose Sat Nav
    Sun Roof

    The Tourer has a bigger boot by far and equally if not more leg room in the back.

    Am i mad to consider it? I am test driving the Civic tomorrow but they only have the standard Civic on test drive. The tourer is in the showroom.. but i can't drive.. how is the drive versus the Accord? I can't imagine it could have same pick up but then i would be potentially saving a lot in running costs, and my own car is only depreciating fast..


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    United Kingdom Bob Wetherby
    Hi Mick

    Horses for courses is the phrase that comes to mind. Personally I would not want to trade an Accord for a Civic Tourer but I can see the attraction from a Cashflow point of view and the ability to get into a new vehicle. Presumably you have checked how many miles per annum you are allowed to do before an excess charge cuts in. You need to make sure as well that you can get on with diesel power (personally I prefer it but there are many petrolheads on here!).

    For me your downsides are no issue at all so that would not influence my position.

    At least you are staying with Honda, even though it is a UK manufactured one.

    Best of luck and I will be interested to hear what you decide.
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    My accord is diesel. Thanks I'll see how I get on tomorrow
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    Is the Civic Tourer aesthetically pleasing to you?
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    I don't mind it y be honest
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    Well that's one less hurdle - IMHO the Accord looks a lot better but at the same time there seems to be a lot of money to be saved.
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    I much prefer the accord shape to but I can live with the tourer and it ticks a lot of boxes
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    Ok guys I test drove the 1.6 diesel Civic today. Was out for 40 minutes in her. Small back roads, City driving and motorway. First impressions re the power is that the Civic didn't feel dramatically less powerful than the accord. You could obviously feel a difference at higher speeds on the motorway but around town and smaller roads felt nippy enough. We are very tempted due to the good trade in price on offer. The tourer has great boot space and better headroom than the hatch due to the roof shape. Thinking the twilight blue colour.
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    Right so today is my last day with the Accord :Frown: im at work so have about 30 miles to do this evening to the dealer to hand her over. In some ways it feels like a death in the family. I do really love the Accord but Honda have just let her grow to old in the tooth for me without coming up with a replacement. I'm looking forward to collecting the Civic tourer this evening and having lower tax/MPG and a a new car. As I said to my wife I'm playing the long game, hopefully in 3 years time the new Accord will have been out 12 months and I will change back to one then.

    Till then folks, its been a pleasure!

  10. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    IMHO, better to look forward in these situations.
    Post up some pictures of your tourer when you can.
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    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    I actually burst out laughing :lol: