General Trading in my 7th Generation ACCORD for a 4 GEN CR-V

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Toggerefc, Thursday 28th Jan, 2016.

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    Hi HONDA people. Just in the process of trading my HONDA ACCORD 2.2 ICTDI GT SPORT TOURER sad times. It's been 6yrs of absolute pleasure. I'm in the process of purchasing a. 4 gen HONDA CR-V 2.2 I DTEC EX from Blackpool HONDA. Can't believe I'm actually selling my ACCORD. Blackpool HONDA sent me a message on Facebook to come and see there splendid range of cars. We had already planned to set off to the coast that weekend to get blown all over Saint Anne's beach. Ended up spending three hours at Blackpool HONDA purchasing my new car instead. Just spent a fortune on new winter tyres. Just fitted new disks and brakes all round as well. Car has been highly maintained but also been a great workhorse. Hopefully going to a good home. I was commended by the HONDA guys the condition of my car. I am keeping my 18" alloys summer wheels and was wondering would they fit on my CR-V. If so I could possibly use them for Winter. Don't really want to use them for Winter use they are still like brand new. So possibly go down the 16" steel wheel route. Want to use recommend winter tyres if anyone could advise me on those please. CR-V here i come. Definitely going to clay bar paintwork for starters. Then check out the after sales looks like there is plenty to be had.
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    Hi @Toggerefc - you'll love the CR-V :congratulations:. They're fantastic cars with all the bells and whistles. Shame you're having to trade in a car that's been so good to you but I'm sure you won't regret your new purchase.

    Remember to upload some pics once you get the CR-V. :Need Pics:
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    I'd like to see some pics of the Accord GT Sport Tourer. Sounds nice.
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    I'm not really a picture taking person even though I love my HONDA. So what i did was go on tinternet type HONDA blade alloys and my car came up courtesy of HONDA KARMA thank you.:jumpup: I tried to go down the sane root of using my Dropbox but couldn't believe it said it was full. I thought I didn't like taking photos. Could not find any of my HONDA. So in the end found 1. I'm sure I had more than that. I will investigate. :chav:
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    My driving style has been changing with age. As we all do I suppose. I've done the Type-R thing Type-S Rs 2000 M3. Early Alphas Gti 205s. Blah blah blah but HONDA cars are on a different plane. It's not just how they look it's how they feel. They make driving enjoyable we don't even need to talk about reliability. I just think HONDA need to up there game on the sports car side of things before I get to old to want another. Still can't wait for my CR-V to arrive. :Happy:
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    Really nice tourer @Toggerefc. I like that.......I like that a lot.

    I hope the next owner looks after it like you have. If I'm honest (I'll say this quietly incase my saloon hears me) yours is the car I should've bought.
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    Quietly now. The 7th Generation ACCORD is sublime. The 2.2 ICTDI engine I'm sure will be recognised as one of the best diesal engines to be built. Mind you having said that mine was slightly re- mapped to just shy of 190bhp with no clutch slip whatsoever and average around the 48mpg mark. :Hooray:
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    I do like the look of the 7th Generation ACCORD saloon. Really nice looking car but when you have a miniature rottweiler cross Patterdale border lakeland they need to be housed in there own sleeping area for long journeys. Also lots more room for climbing stuff and camping. Yes my car was worked but I also kept on top of anything that was starting to age. I think us HONDA people just respect our cars.
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    I'm sure there'll be times when the 4x4 advantages of the CR-V might be useful, but I'd rather have your Accord!
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    Yes it was a tough call.:Thumbup:
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    :congratulations: on the CR-V @Toggerefc :GoodJob:

    I still sometimes miss my 8th Generation Accord which was a fantastic car, but on the whole the comfort and practicality of the CR-V - not to mention the high driving position - takes some beating.

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    I've done loads of research and this is the car for me. After all its a HONDA.
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