Engine & Gearbox transmission vibration

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    Hi all,

    New to this forum, but actually on my 3rd Accord... where have I been, you might ask...

    Anyway, this third car is a 2005 diesel exec saloon, purchased only a few weeks ago with full Honda history and looking immaculate in very shiny red with grey 5-spoke 17" penta's - I think it looks great and now that I've dumped the nasty cheap chinese tyres it's a damn sight quieter than it was BUT...

    There's a really annoying vibration coming through, and I reckon it's transmission related. At all speeds it's noticeable, I've had wheels checked (they are round), quality tyres on all corners, balancing done and checked a week later but still this vibration is noticeable. What's more, when in 3rd if I gently push the gearstick forward I can actually FEEL the vibration through the stick! I've still got Accord 2, went out in it earlier and could not believe how smooth it was by comparison, and that car now has the cheap Chinese tyres on it!

    So, any thoughts people? Is my gearbox stuffed?

    BTW, I also have a creaky clutch pedal - at about 90% of the travel to the floor it goes "creeeeak" - gears all engage ok, and the clutch isn't slipping but it's just an annoying creak.

    Car has only covered 72000, the previous owner only did 5000 miles a year over 6 years of ownership and I think that might be the clincher - probably lots of short journey's around town which has got to be a killer for a car like this.

    It would be a bugger to find it's something major - although currently under warranty so perhaps not all bad - otherwise I might end up shooting this dog.

    Oh, and I've noticed that this car does the hesitation thing that lots of you talk about - getting the fuel filter replaced on Monday as a first step.
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    Welcome to AOC Millsey.

    The gearboxes tend to be pretty reliable on the Accords I would think it's more likely to be the dual mass flywheel.
    It could also be a driveshaft.

    Get your driveshafts check out first as this is easier to diagnose.

    Search the forum for solving the creek, theres a few threads on this.
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    Hi - thanks for your thoughts, the car is going in tomorrow so I will ask the garage to take a look.
    I know DMF's aren't cheap to do, so hoping that's not the problem, and I'd be surprised if it's drive shafts since the car has only done 72k but we'll see!
    Partially solved the creaking by spraying some lithium grease onto the pedal mech but I know there are some bushes in there and there aren't too many grease points on modern cars in the pedal box.
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    Local main Honda dealer have had the car today, they can't find anything wrong with it... which is a bit of a surprise but computers never lie, eh? As a precaution I've had the fuel filter changed anyway. Somewhat disappointed to find that they have charged me a £60 investigation fee, especially as I've been a customer since 2005 and have spent thousands with them.
    Had them check my exhaust manifold too - all good apparently which is just as well since they tell me that since my car is a 2005 then the part wouldn't be replaced for free anyway :Aghast: so luckily for me it's in good condition.

    They confirm that the master cylinder on the clutch might be wearing out, but they've lubed it up and reckon it's much better - I shall reserve judgement until the car comes back later.

    Perhaps I just have to accept that this car isn't as smooth as the last two...?