Off-Topic Triumph Herald covered 20 miles in 52 years

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    Surprising how often these type of things turn up.

    My Mini Clubman auto from 1974 had 1 lady owner, and a genuine 9k miles. She never took it out in the rain, and only used it weekly to collect her pension from the Post Office. One of the most original and mint survivors there was. It even had the original dealer cardboard tags attached in the boot and the original (Lex) dealer plates.

    Mini_Clubman_April20092. Mini_Clubman_April20097. Mini_Clubman_April20098.

    Sold it after 8 years as never used it...shame.

    Not sure if the photos will have uploaded properly - following the instructions but no paper clip to attach to the thread. I am a not a technical genius...:Whistle:
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    In advanced edit mode paper clip is on top row third from right.