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    Hi guys,

    Hoping I can pick some brains for some advice. Last week I went to do an oil change on my car only to find my trolley jack won't lift at all. I checked the fluid level which was slightly low, so having refilled it and bled it as per the instructions it still won't lift. I don't know much about jack's a so don't even know where to start. Its a sealey 3000cxd. Any ideas?
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    Does it leak?
    If it does you need to repair the seals.
    If it doesn't you need to bleed it again.
    Open the small rubber bung on the bottle and fill with jack oil, open the valve and pump.
    Repeat until the jack starts to lift.
    if it doesn't lift after bleeding and repeated fills then you need to rebuild it with new seals.
    It may take a lot of oil and pumping to bleed it properly.