Electrical & Lights Trouble Starting Car (1.7 CTDi)

Discussion in '7th Generation (2001-2005)' started by moray, Sunday 25th Oct, 2015.

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    Hi I'm moray I've resit bought a 03 honda 1.7cdti with 138 thousand on clock I've had it for about 3 /4 months and I seem to have a problem starting it . I've had suggestions such as glow plugs and resit just had oil air and fuel filter changed by a garage .even thou I've had serviced from a garage .I've had to use easy start to turn engine over and to have a slight cough which takes about 3 /4 times to turn over .I've you help be great
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    Normally on an aging diesel I'd put starting problems down to congestion, clogged up EGR, intake manifold and/or throttle body. Over the years carbon deposits accumulate and air becomes more and more restricted. It's far more prevalent on diesels than petrols. I'd personally start there by doing a quick teardown of the intake side, you'll quickly see whether that's the case or not.

    That said, there's many potential causes: it could be a lazy starter, glow plugs as mentioned, low voltage on the battery. My bets on congestion as most likely with a diesel, but there's many potentials here.

    @Zebster may have some further advice for you.
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    Unfortunately I have no experience with these (Izusu made) engines, nor even know what injection system they use. But I understand they were quite common in 7th Generation Civics, so I've had a quick look on the Civinfo forum. You may find answers in this sub-forum...

    Turbo seems to be a common weak point, but I can't see how that might affect starting. Does it run OK once started with spray? Any warning lights ever come on?

    EDIT - I'm having trouble with that link! You need to edit the URL to ensure the word 'Civics' is all lower case. This forum appears to forcing it to use capitals, which is causing a problem. You could go to Civinfo and navigate manually.