Upcoming Tunerfest North. Oulton Park. 9th July 2016

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    This is not an organisation of a meeting its meant for information purposes only. If anyone wishes to organise a meeting then I have added a link to help you on your way.
    Tunerfest North takes place on Saturday 9th July 2016 at Oulton Park, Cheshire. It would be a good opportunity for members from the North West and Northern Wales and any other surrounding areas to get together for the day.
    If anyone wishes to organise a meeting and needs any more information then please PM me and I'll try and get answers for you.
    The UK's Finest Performance Car Event - Tunerfest North
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    Another good result for the Eurospec Civic Type-R image.
    Beating the previous class record by a massive 5.3 seconds.
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