Aftermarket Kit tuning boxs

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    has any body had any experiance with tdi tuning boxs
  2. Zebster Guest

    There are many different types, some are dumb and merely fool sensors, while others properly interact with the ECU to tweak the map. You'd be better off with a proper remap but, even then, your clutch is likely to give up after a while!
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    thanks looking at tdi tuning seem to be the best the car is auto
  4. Zebster Guest

    I guess that's a good thing, but I have no idea what surplus torque-handling capability the auto box has. Why do you prefer the idea of a box, rather than a proper remap? Tuning companies like Celtic and Elite have dyno charts available to show what the power delivery would be like post-remap... other performance boosts can give a very poor power delivery, with too much torque delivered at low RPM.
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    i have asked the same question myself the reason four the tuning box over remap is the car has full 12 munths honda warenty so will be going back four service
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    Change the prefix to the thread so its easily found outer similar headings and searches.
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    I did a fair amount of research myself and ended up not keen on the tuning boxes. Did a custom remap with rolling road dyno before and after so I could see the gains rather than just the end result. Loved driving her after it, wasn't just the extra power and torque but more the power band change and delivery.

    I suppose a box that supersedes the ECU stock map should be a similar thing but I think I'd still be worried that it was still just tricking the ECU instead.

    Personally, I'd wait until out of warranty and then get a proper remap which is custom to your car's characteristics rather than a standard remap or box which will be generic.

    One thing I noticed about celtic tuning with the 2.2cdti is that their stock figures were wrong which means they were overstating their end results.
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    thanks four reply had a manuel 08 just bought 2010 auto ex what a diference will have to se how it goes and wich way to go thanks
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    I have seen a lot of times that an auto box can cope with LESS torque than a manual. That's the reason why it took a lot of time before auto boxes were available for diesel engines.
    On top of that : a lot of manufacturers give their diesel engine LESS torque in auto version compared to the manual.
    I'd be very carefull with engine tuning on auto boxes. Theye're expensive :Wink:
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    TBO I wouldn't trust tuning boxes and if they mess your ECU up its a huge cost for a few extra ponies
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    Forget tuning boxes, and those that just muck up sensor readings to fool the ECU into overfuelling. Get a proper remap in from a reputable company IMO.
  12. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Concur with @2.4 8thGen and @DeviateDefiant tuning boxes send false signals to get the engine ECU to change it's fuel trims. It's a butt ugly hack, I would avoid them at all costs, there's very little you can gain going this route anyway.
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    yes i agree i have had cars remaped befour with no problems so i think thats the way i will go eventuly
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    Agree about tuning boxes, at least with the older tech ones, but I'm seeing that newer ones are claiming to actually emulate or work with the ECU so act like an actual remap. The problem is, are they telling the truth? If it's one that is fitted in the engine bay then I don't think I'd believe it but if it's one that plugs into the obd port then could it be true?
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  15. Zebster Guest

    Yes, that's my understanding.
  16. jimjams Guest

    How can it work plugged into the ODD port ?
    The boxes fool the sensor readings going into the engine ECU, AFAIK you can't shove new readings into an ODD port, the only way is to put new "telemetry" into the wires gong into the engine ECU
  17. ArcticFire Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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    Not sure but if the remap is done through it then I guess it may be technically possible for a box and software to do it on the fly?

    Does sound a little too good to be true though.
  18. jimjams Guest

    Whilst a remap can be done via the OBD port, it's done without the engine running, there is no way that an engine ECU could run an engine and have its map altered at the same time. If something was taking readings from a controller in a system while it was running and then modifying points in a map, as a system, it would go completely loopy, a bit like a video camera pointed at the picture that it is showing.
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    Could the box not be sending a complete override signal though telling the ECU to ignore the OEM map and divert to the box map?
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