Engine & Gearbox Turbo trouble?

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    Hi all , first proper post and on the scrounge for information/ experience. I have just bought a 54 plate cdti. The exhaust manifold was cracked so i had a look around on the web and read a post from a guy who had succesfully repaired his by welding it up, so i thought that was the way to go.... so i pulled off the manifold , sorted that out good as gold, built the car back up , started it ( nice and quiet ) drove the 10 miles back home with no problems, just before i got to my street i opened the window to smugly listen to my nice quiet engine and i noticed a horrible squeal when the turbo came in!!! . I know what a turbo should sound like and it ain't right , i get a nasty grindy squeal as the turbo spools then it goes but the same sort of sound as the turbo slows. The car drives fine but after noticing that i don't want to drive any more till i sort it ... any ideas folks??? before i pull the turbo off again to investigate.
    kind regards in advance Sid.
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    Turbo on the diesel has a sweet whine to it , when you took it off did all pumping go back correctly ..potential leak?
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    nice one for the interest ichibanaccord , this is a before and after noise dude. i have driven tuned up tdi's for the last 5 years and this is a weird noise. sounds like the turbo has a nasty vibration at at certain speed and the wheel is catching sort of noise. im thinking a bit of spatter could have come off that i missed from welding the manifold could be in the vnt gubbins , or oil starvation to the turbo bearings. Its annoying because the job went dead well , brake cleaned and air lined the oil pipes and fittings everything nice and clean and this sort of thing happens. If you ever messed with the blowers on these mate i'm going to pull it off tomorrow and see whats up with it. Any tips would be appreciated .
    cheers , Sid.
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    How did it go, mr. Jolly?
    Took of the turbo today and saw what went wrong? Spatters from the welding is also my first thougt.
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    The compressor blade isn't banging on the housing?
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    How can that be? All of a sudden slack on the bearings?
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    Hey guys, Fixed it! yay. Got a good mate to give us a hand , started delving, put a stethascope ( long screwdriver to the ear ) on the turbo and manifold and it was not coming from there, a fresh look and we spotted all 3 of the nuts holding the turbo on had come loose and the noise was a big blow from the turbo to manifold gasket!!!.
    I remember going round all them bolts 3 or 4 times when fitting it as they are a pig to get on nicely. So the moral of the story is get some new bolts when fitting your turbo.
    I tell you why.... they all came off nice and finger tight so i thought i had better try to make them lock nuts by the old trick of squeezing them in the vice and hopefully they won't come undone again. they were a bit stiff to wind on but i thought fine, they won't rattle off, they all got tighter and tighter till i couldn't turn em anymore, tries to back em off and the same problem... long story short , 6 hours to cut the nuts in half in situ with a dremmel , clean up the damaged threads on the studs , find 3 m10 fine nuts and jobs a good un..... lol.
    sorry for all that , needed a good blowout!
    noise is sorted though .
    thanks guys for the support. Sid.
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