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    I'm new here, have just purchased a 2015 CR-V EX 1.6 1-DTEC 4WD 9 speed auto in polished metal.... love the car.
    I previously had a Mazda CX5, in the Mazda when you put the handbrake on the DRL's turned off.... in the Honda they stay on.
    I often sit have to sit in the car waiting when i'm being used a taxi! I was sitting last night with the engine running for heat and the DRL's were on ... is there any way these can be turned off when sitting parked up?
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    Not as far as I know @Geoffp

    The AA say that where they are fitted they must be on when the engine is running, and must turn off automatically when either side or head lights are activated.

    I presume there must be some way round that if your Mazda turned them off when the handbrake was applied, unless the rules changed at some point (afraid I just don't know).

    Anyway, welcome to HondaKarma. Good choice on the CR-V.

    Do pop into the introductions section and say hello!
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    You could put a jumper on and turn the engine off? It would save you some fuel too... :Smile:
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    I believe regulations are that DRL's reduce to half power when either sidelights or headlights are on so leaving sidelights on will reduce intensity of light from DRL's. If parked and in car its safer to at least have sidelights on, the Led DRL's take next to no power so battery will not be depleted which is important with Stop Start system.