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    The first 12 months of my ownership of my 8th Generation 2011 I-DTEC tourer automatic, just done and pleased to report no problems whatsoever, as I said at the time of the swap from my 7th Generation tourer "am I doing the right thing" well I need not have worried as this motor is awesome in comparison and that is not knocking the old one. I find it far easier to drive more planted and really quick on the uptake, the "auto" box is excellent and almost does the thinking for you. One drawback is that the load area is smaller, but easier to "open" up if needs be, and flatter than the old style seating. The amount of "toys" and what they can do is far too much for me, just found out that by holding the fob to open for a few seconds longer all the windows open plus the roof light, same in reverse to close everything up, folding mirrors, nearside dipping mirror for going backwards? camera showing what you are going to run into, beepers shouting at you if you get close to an obstruction, a radio/nav system that you can talk to and a hands free telephone that answers you back. Automatic lights and dipping mirror, it is mind boggling!! Maybe given time I will learn how to use all this technology. One pleasing thing, I found at first that the engine was noisier than the 7th, sounded like a tranny and having read other reports on this I put up with it, it was taken into a Honda Dealers last August for it's final scheduled safety check and oil change, all was well but still noisy, not overmuch but noisy. That was it's last visit to Honda as from now on it will be in my hands only, or maybe a trip to Bradford in the future. I am keeping the oil and filter regime as I did before, so every 6.000 the oil is changed and 12.000 the oil and filter get changed. I started this system last week end at 47,000 using a Honda filter, and Lube Tech 0-30w low saps fully synth oil, now it could be my imagination but since then the engine feels freer and quieter, were Honda using the right oil I ask myself? anyway needless to say I am one very happy bunny. Started last March at 37,000 Now at 48,500,
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    I can fully understand how you feel about your CW3. I feel just the same about my CU1 at nearly 14 months.
    Happy days John, happy days. :BooYeah:
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    Pleased you are happy with your CW3 John. 7th Gens are brilliant - 8th Generation is just a massive advancement again though.

    Having never driven a 7th Generation ICTDI I can't comment on the quietness over the 8th Generation but what I can say is the 8th Generation I-DTEC is far quieter and refined than many diesels but many do note it is slightly nosier than ICTDI - especially pre-facelift.

    You will find 0W-30 oil makes it noticeably quieter especially when stone cold.

    Many dealers do use 5W-30 it won't do any harm but not as quiet as 0W-30 and not quite as good economy.
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