Sold Twin exit Powerflow backbox system cheap! 2.0 maybe 2.4 suitable aswel

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories' started by Tom163, Tuesday 3rd Jul, 2012.

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    Now i've got my new system this one is up for sale cheap as I need the space. It is a custom made Powerflow system by Hawleys in Sheffield and its not loud, very quiet but a nice low rumble when booting it but looks alot nicer than the stock systems with the two polished 3 1/2' tips. The pipe diameter is 2.25' (make sure its suitable for yours before buying please). It was brand new November 2011 so not very old at all costing me £240 and got the receipt to prove also have the lifetime guarantee witch does not have name filled in so you can keep that going.

    It does need 1 hanger putting on as it snapped off when removing and needs the Y pipe taking back and welding to the center of the car but any custom exhaust maker can do this for around £50-£80 max! If your close to Doncaster Top Gear Performance will do it for £50 inc VAT.

    Few pics after a quick clean will look ace when metal polished up-




    How it looked on my car-


    I want only £160 Collected from Worksop or Rotherham! (can't post due to size)
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