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    Started with my daily insurance quote hoarding, Endsleigh have knocked Admiral/Elephant out of the water with a quote for £410 for 21yrs, 2yr NCB, for once I think the quote is reasonable :Grin:

    Funnily enough adding my 50yr old dad increases the quote by £110, another £90 if I add my mum.

    EDIT: Another odd thing is if I declare my degree then the quote goes up by £22, if I leave it as unknown no increase.
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    I guess degree means you may get a better paid job so a) they can leech you more and b) you may commute further to your job.

    Odd how adding your parents adds so much.
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    Technically I'm still a student, but if that's the logic they use then maybe I should say I'm studying something with nil prospects.

    21 seems to be a magical age for insurance in general though, as a named driver on dad's car they quoted £1500+ last year, now its £520 which is only a £200 increase.
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    I've kept on playing with the system, Endsleigh quote me different prices based on the institution I attend. ie. my current uni is £376 but they want £405 for the uni I'm going to next. After that I kept on inputting random unis and so far York has been the cheapest at £360.
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    Just out of interest guys I got my renewal documents through from the RAC today and reading through I noticed that there was legal care cover included with my cover. This started me thinking so I gave them a call and to my surprise I find that both my wife and I are covered up to £50k per claim in whichever car we are driving....
    What does that mean then?

    Well I have recently taken out a multi car insurance policy with Admiral and they charged me extra for legal cover for both cars to the tune of around £60 I got a discount which took it to £44 for both cars a year.
    I decided to give my insurance a call and I explained what I had from the RAC and they promptly cancelled the legal cover and reduced my monthly payments by around £5 per month. Better in my pocket than theirs.
    What really annoyed me was I've been a member of the RAC for 4 years now and this has been written into my policy since I joined which means for the last 4 years I have been paying insurance companies extra for legal cover when I didn't need it.
    So check your breakdown policies(especially RAC) to see if you are covered then you don't need to spend extra on it with your insurance company.​
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    Brilliant! I just checked my mums RAC and its got legal cover. Going to save £28 this year, thanks bud :Smile:
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    Pass it round to all you family and friends . Glad to see I've helped one person
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    Just renewed my insurance, and Admiral came through as the winners with their renewal this year, beating all other combined quotes through Compare the Market and Go Compare.

    Fully comp (protected) cover for my cars on a multi-car policy was:

    2004 MINI Cooper, garaged, limited mileage up to 1k per year @ £104
    2015 CR-V 2.0litre petrol/auto, kept on driveway, basic business use, mileage to 15k per year @ £274

    Legal protection, courtesy car and windscreen cover included.

    Lower price than last year at renewal...:Grin:
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    Have you got RAC/AA cover as you may not need legal cover.
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    Perhaps we should have a comp to compare who pays what and where.
    Just renewed mine £195 comp, protected ncd, kept on drive in London no mileage restrictions and three points. CHEAP !
    Friends son, 17 , prov licence, no ncd, Honda Civic, on road in Hastings - -
    Only £4-000 ! Expensive !
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    I do have RAC cover, and it includes up to £50k of legal cover, but critically only:

    - in the event you are hit by an uninsured driver and
    - if they believe there is a greater than 51% chance of a successful claim against the other party

    The Admiral legal cover goes further, and covers all legal costs up to £100,000 where there is a 'reasonable' chance of success. It also covers defence against prosecution (my RAC cover doesn't).

    In addition, it covers defence against defects with your car...which came in handy with my first CR-V!!!!

    For the sake of an extra £20 annually (only needed on one of the two cars, they then cover you in any car you are driving while insured) I think it is worth it.
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    That's strange because they told me I had to take the cover for each car on the policy so that was in the region of £30+ per car per year.
    Seems like incorrect information somewhere.
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    The RAC cover is pretty basic. The full terms are set out in the policy booklet they supply with their membership. As usual, the devil is in the detail...
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    I think the problem these days is that there's a lot of companies etc getting on the legal bandwagon, I've actually checked my Union driver cover and there's something in there about it as well so there's probably legal cover coming from every scource.
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    Well I'm in the process of using my RAC legal cover after my accident in August.
    I've just had my renewal through from Admiral on a multi car policy Accord £385 CR-V £588 total £973, so I've done some searching and by getting individual policies I can get both covered for under £600??? A saving of £373 or more. I'm going to ring Admiral later today to see if they can price match but I very much doubt it.
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    I've just renewed with Admiral again. Amazingly, for the third year in a row, they were the cheapest even though I'm an existing customer.

    I tried all of the comparison websites, and Direct Line, but nobody got to within £75 of them for equivalent cover.

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